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Vitale To Big Blue Nation: Relax!

Earlier today I said I wanted to see how Dick Vitale would handle Bob Knight’s latest rip job on John Calipari’s Kentucky program.  Well, the answer is in.

This afternoon, Vitale tweeted the following to UK’s Big Blue Nation fanbase:

“The BBN is up in arms over the General’s comments @ a dinner – RELAX as he really is a guy that can not TOLERATE the 1 & done rule.”

Oh.  Well. 

If Dickie V says so.

Which means, I suppose, that since I can’t tolerate Bob Knight it’s alright for me to make up things about him, right?  Cool.

Knight was on the Grassy Knoll in ’63.

Knight shaves his nether parts.

Knight once shot a man for snoring too loud.

Nope.  That just doesn’t feel right. 

You see, just because I can’t TOLERATE someone or something, it doesn’t make it okay for me to make outrageous, unverified claims about him or it.

Vitale’s “don’t get mad at The General” response just doesn’t wash.

At least fellow ESPN’er Jay Williams told today that Knight owes UK an apology and that their shared employer should try to force one out of him.

“I think ESPN should come to the table and do something about the comment because obviously it’s very demeaning to the players that play at Kentucky,” Williams said.  He added later: “I think those comments were wrong.  I think he does owe the fans at Kentucky an apology, but Bobby Knight is Bobby Knight and I’m sure he’s not going to give that apology.”

So what’s more likely: Knight apologizes or ESPN shows Williams the door?



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