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Two UF Hoops Players Arrested For Burglary

Two Florida basketball players were arrested late Saturday night in St. Augustine, Florida — what would Ponce de Leon think? — for allegedly trying to break into a car.  Erik Murphy and Cody Larson have been charged with felony burglary.  Student-manager Joshua Adel was also charged with principal to burglary for acting as the players’ lookout.

According to police, Murphy and Larson went into a bar at 2 AM Sunday morning and claimed to have lost a wallet.  The two then “tried to get close to a female employee who was counting money from the night,” as The Gainesville Sun puts it.

The Gators were told to leave the establishment, but moments later, bouncers saw the players attempting to break into an employee’s car in the parking lot across the street from the bar.  When spotted, they tried to flee the scene, but Murphy and Adel — the student-manager/lookout — were captured.  Larson later turned himself into police.

If Larson’s name sounds familiar, then you probably remember him as the troubled youth Billy Donovan inked from South Dakota last year.  He is currently on probation after reaching a plea agreement on a misdemeanor drug charge for “sharing painkillers” during his senior year of high school.  He shared hydrocodone with a teammate.

Donovan has made no comment on the arrests as of this morning.

UPDATE — Larson phoned Adel before turning himself in to police.  Adel was in the back of a police cruiser at the time and his side of the conversation was recorded by in-car microphones.

According to Sgt. Jason Etheridge of the St. Augustine police: “The third guy, Cody, calls Joshua, probably seven or eight times while they’re in the back of the car and they’re discussing how they’re going to get out of it, pretty much burying themselves.  ‘Cody,’ after about seven or eight phone calls the other two said, ‘Hey, man, you gotta turn yourself in.’

“It seems like they just did something stupid and got caught.”




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