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Sports Website Now Eyeing Bama, As It Did Auburn

The folks at must finally be making some folks down on The Plains happy.  After beating the “Auburn’s cheating” drum for months, the site is now starting to pound away on the “Alabama’s cheating” drum.

We’ll let you read their latest lengthy piece for yourself right here. 

Unfortunately, it seems to just be more cyber-sleuthing.  “If A means B then B must mean C and that would make C a D.”  Sounds good, but as was the case with the numerous Auburn claims made on that site (and others), there’s little concrete evidence provided.  It’s all about viewpoints.

If Alabama — or Auburn, for that matter — actually cheated, then we say, “Hang ‘em high.”  But to date, the Brent Calloway imbroglio seems awfully similar to the Cam Newton/HBO Four stuff.  Lots of smoke, but unless the NCAA gets some evidence or someone fesses up, there’s not much fire.

Not yet anyway.


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