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South Dakota Officials Could Make Donovan’s Decision On Larson Easier

When basketball player Cody Larson arrived in Gainesville last year, he did so while still under the watchful eye of the state of South Dakota’s legal system.  His arrest in St. Augustine over the weekend — along with teammate Erik Murphy and student-manager Joshua Adel — could land him in more hot water in his home state.

Some back story: Larson was charged with sharing hydrocodone with a high school teammate in February of 2010.  (He had also gotten in trouble with alcohol prior to the painkiller issue).  Last May, Larson was given a suspended 120-day jail sentence and was ordered to perform community service and pay a fine and court costs.

He is now charged with third-degree felony burglary for attempting to break into a car.

According to Rachel George of The Orlando Sentinel:

While Larson was not on formal probation and didn’t have to check in with a probation officer, he was require to abide by all laws for two years in order for the case to be dropped.

So far, the folks in South Dakota are taking a wait-and-see approach to Larson’s latest legal troubles.  “It would be discretionary on our part to file the motion to revoke depending on how (the latest arrest) is resolved,” said Aaron McGowan, a state’s attorney in Larson’s home county.

“It’s just premature.  We’re not going to take any formal action until we know more about the circumstances down there.”

Coaches don’t like to boot players.  That’s why Gator coach Billy Donovan has chosen to wait for a verdict before he takes action, too.  So technically, the state of South Dakota could take the matter out of Donovan’s hands if it decides to act on Larson soon.

If it does not, then Donovan will have to decide whether or not to give a second chance to Larson (and Murphy and the student-manager Adel).  Doing so might be a tough sell now that embarrassing secret audio recordings of the trio — made in the back of a police cruiser — have been released to the public.




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