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SEC Doubles Revenue Through ESPN/CBS Deals

Mike Slive is a good commissioner.

Oh, many of you out there don’t like him because he’s probably not done enough for your favorite school.  He also oversees the SEC’s officials, for which he’s taken plenty of flak.  And some folks might even take issue with all of the NCAA rumors and allegations that exist across the league — under his watch — these days.  But the man is still a good commissioner. 

Why?  Because he brings in a lot of cash.  And that’s Job One.

Kyle Veazey of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger grabbed the SEC’s most recent IRS information and did some math.  He found that the two new mega-deals that Slive recently brokered with CBS and ESPN has more than doubled the league’s income from media rights, as expected:

TV/Satellite Radio Revenue
Postseason Event Revenue
Media + Postseason Revenue
Avg. Cut per School
Sept ’08 – Aug ’09
$60.1 million
$78.8 million
$138.9 million
$13.03 million
Sept ’09 – Aug ’10
$153.3 million
$80.9 million
$234.2 million
$18.28 million

Bringing in $5 million more per year per school is the kind of work that impresses Slive’s bosses — the league’s presidents and chancellors.

Slive will be less than a week past his 72nd birthday when his contract expires on July 31st of next year.  If he chooses not to continue past 72 — his predecessor Roy Kramer retired at that age — then the SEC will have some very big shoes to fill.

Whether the man currently in those shoes is popular or not, Slive has overseen an unmatched era of SEC dominance on the football field.  And he’s also made everyone involved a lot more money.



Mike Slive is a good business man. I'll reserve judgement on how good a commissioner he is when the over signing issue is dealt with (or not).


not as much as big XII-2 will make next season, estimated at $20mil


adam and Matt...

The SEC led the way in TV contracts because Slive negotiated perfectly with ESPN and CBS using the threat of an SEC network as leverage. Part of his job it drive up revenue. He's done that like no commissioner in SEC history.



The SEC is where it is because of the coaches and the players. They're the ones that won the titles, not Slive and his negotiating skills.


Why does Slive get the credit? Because he is the commissioner? So you think ESPN gives that money to the SEC because of Slive? That like saying the NFL is great because of owners like Jerry Jones.

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