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Saban Says AU Would Have Won 4 Games Without Newton

According to The National Football Post, Denver Broncos vice president John Elway recently asked Nick Saban for his thoughts on Cam Newton.  According to Elway, Saban had some pretty high praise for the Heisman winner.

“One of the interesting things is we went down and saw Nick Saban when we were down at Alabama’s Pro Day, and we’re talking about obviously all his players and then asked him about Cam, and he said that team would not have won four games if it wasn’t for Cam Newton,” Elway said.  “That tells you how much of a special player he is.”

First, I’m sure Saban will send Elway a thank you note for revealing details of their private conversation.

Second, let’s guess how this will play among many Auburn fans.  They’ll probably be impressed that Saban had such glowing praise for their old QB.  Heck, Saban’s comments might actually bring about a thaw in the…

Who am I kidding? 

Some/many Tiger backers will no doubt ignore the words of homage paid to Newton and instead choose to be outraged over the suggestion that their team would have won just four games without him.

While I doubt Saban was being literal — if he made the comment at all — let’s take a look at AU’s record in 2010 just the same:

Arkansas State, 56-26 — Would have been a win without Newton
Mississippi State, 17-14 — Newton was the difference in that game
Clemson, 27-24 OT — Ditto
South Carolina, 35-27 — Double ditto
Louisiana-Monroe, 52-3 — Would have been a win without Newton
Kentucky, 37-34 — No Newton, no win
Arkansas, 65-43 — Newton ran for 188, threw for 140 and tallied 4 TDs
LSU, 24-17 — Newton rushed for 217 including his best run of the year
Ole Miss, 51-31 — Maybe Auburn would’ve won without Newton
Chattanooga, 62-24 — A win with or without Newton
Georgia, 49-31 — No Newton, no win
Alabama, 28-27 — Ditto

So in the regular season — giving the Tigers the benefit of the doubt against Ole Miss — Auburn probably really would’ve won just four games without their star QB. 

But before anyone attacks the trees in my yard or assaults me at a gas station, let’s point out that all of those games would have played out completely differently had Newton not been on the field.  So there’s no way of truly knowing whether Auburn would have won 2 or 12 games last year without their star.

Also, take a star player off any previous BCS champion and that team would likely be adversely affected, too.  How many titles does Urban Meyer win without Tim Tebow, for example?

Saban was simply pointing out how incredibly talented Newton is.  Tiger fans should take it as a rare compliment from anyone wearing crimson.

And Bama fans shouldn’t get mad that their coach dared to say something nice about someone from The Plains, either.



Sorry Auburn fans but Nick is right.....


I kind of feel sorry for Nick. He needs to realize he has been outcoached in the Iron Bowl ever since Coach Chizik took over the program and take it like a man. He seems to forget that Nick Fairley was the best defensive player in the country, we had the best o-line by far, and a freshman running back that won the NC for us, as well as Cam Newton.


nick saban is just a jealous hater he needs to keep his mouth shut about auburn and focus on his team WDE!!!


Congratulations, you made it to 11:32am before posting an article about Cam Newton.

But, WTF? In what league do you not give the ball to the best athlete on the team?


Once again, there is NO journalistic integrity in this world anymore. My fellow Auburn family - DO NOT let this moron drag you into an attack against Nick Saban over this obvious mis-representation of Saban's statement. The below response is what I sent him:

I hate to disagree with you, but your attempt to inflame the heated rivalry even more by making Auburn fans mad at Nick Saban over this perceived slight to us is WAY off base. You have proven the media bias and ignorance in the sports media today that has become a complete joke. I will REPEAT Coach Saban's statement here word for word: "that team would not have won four games if it wasn’t for Cam Newton”. Now, either you are incredibly ignorant and uneducated when it comes to the english language, OR you are intentionally MIS-REPRESENTING Saban's statement in order to cause further discord and animosity between Auburn and Alabama fans, which is deplorable, unethical and downright inexcuseable! That statement from Saban to intelligent and educated people means that Auburn wouldn't have won 4 games (meaning there are 4 games Auburn would have lost) without Cam Newton. For you to take that statement and TWIST it to say that statement means that Saban believes Auburn would have only WON four games is ridiculous. This Auburn fan hopes Coach Saban rips you a new one for taking his statement WAYYYYY out of context. You have become just as irresponsible and immature as Paul Finebaum and should be ashamed of yourself!

And another thing, NOBODY attacked anybody at a gas station. If you believe that pathetic LIE from Updyke, then you are more retarded than you seem!


You brought up the exact point that I was about to make. It would have been a totally different game plan without Newton. Malzahn builds his offense around the quarterbacks capabilities. Auburn was DEEP at running back last year and could have utilized many different backs.
I sometimes even wonder if Auburn would have done better in some games without Newton, as the game plan wouldn't have been as guessable. It was definitely more fun/entertaining with him though!
The world may never know....


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