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Reporter: LSU’s Peterson Did Have A Relationship With Lyles

Yesterday, ESPN reported that former Texas A&M assistant coach Van Malone claimed that Willie Lyles — a reputed street agent already being investigated for his dealings with Oregon — had told him that A&M would have to pay $80,000 if it wanted to sign Patrick Peterson.

Peterson eventually signed with and starred at LSU.  Peterson and his father said they had no connection with Lyles during Peterson’s high school years.

Peterson also told a reporter that he never even visited Texas A&M.  But that part isn’t true.  In 2007, Patrick Johnson — as he was known then — did visit A&M and Brian Perroni wrote a story about the visit for, the Rivals site that covers A&M athletics.

On August 6th, 2007, Peterson is quoted as having said: “I visited Texas A&M the other day.  My dad and I were in Houston visiting one of his friends and he suggested that we go look at A&M.”

And now Matt Hinton of Yahoo! Sports has brought attention to this tweet posted yesterday by Perroni, the man who wrote that 2007 story:

Here is a story I wrote on Peterson visit to #TAMU 3 yrs ago.  I confirmed at time the “friend” was Will Lyles. 

He then includes the link to the story linked above.

Your move, Petersons.



Look out, we have another bunch of delusional Auburn, I mean LSU fans.


I just had a tweet conversation with perroni...he claims that Patrick Peterson Jr. told him personally that the friend they visited was Lyles about 2 weeks after he wrote the article...



We are simply passing along the information already posted on two non-SEC sites across the web. Shoot the messenger if you like. Change the topic if you like (we never wrote anything about an "official" visit, for example). But it doesn't change what the writer we quoted is saying.

And no one at MrSEC claimed to have confirmed that the friend was Lyles... the guy who wrote the initial story about Peterson's visit to Texas A&M says that HE confirmed at the time that the family friend was Will Lyles. That's his tweet -- and I thought we made it pretty clear it was his tweet -- in the bold text.

Hate to pass all this along to you, but it's what the WRITER is claiming. We even made that pretty clear in the headline. Follow the links and you can put all this together for yourselves.



As "DatTigerFan" so eloquently stated, (paraphrasing here),
Put up or shut up. If you have any proof of these allegations, post 'em up. If not, quit being an attention whore.


That does not constitute an official visit, riding around campus with your parents is different then an official visit where you go to a game, take a tour of facilities. you say you confirmed "at the time' it was and where is the evidence?...As a blogger for, I am challenging you to provide something to back up your claims...Well?


So you've proven for yourself what you got mad at us for passing along?




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