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Over-The-Top Fans Giving Normal AU, UA Fans A Bad Name

For three years I lived in Columbus, Ohio.  For those three years, I thought the hatred between Ohio State and Michigan was unmatched in all of sports.

I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Ohio State and Michigan fans can’t stand their rivals, but they don’t constantly attempt to tear down their rivals.  Big difference.  Alabama and Auburn fans do.  Unfortunately, that’s embarrassing for both schools — whose administrations have nothing to do with the constant attacks — and it’s bad for the Southeastern Conference as a whole.  The mudslinging only makes fans outside the SEC believe that the league is the dirtiest conference in America.

By constantly flinging accusations back and forth, Tide and Tiger fans only raise the curiosity of the NCAA.  And that’s not a smart thing to do considering that cheating goes on at major every college.

Boosters for every school in the country provide extra benefits for athletes.  It happens.  I’ve spoken to players and buddies who’ve played in the SEC, the Big Ten and the ACC.  They all say it went on at their schools, in their leagues.

Alabama and Auburn players know where to find hundred dollar handshakes should they want them.  Kentucky players know which restaurants provide free meals.  LSU players know which car dealer gives athletes the best deals.  Tennessee players know which bars will give them free admission, etc, etc, etc.

Big or small, that stuff goes on everywhere.  So it’s best for the NCAA not to start snooping around your favorite school’s campus.  Yet Alabama and Auburn continue to dare the NCAA to venture into the Heart of Dixie and start sleuthing.

Two months ago, we had a radio host — who happens to be an Alabama fan — make accusations across Southern radio stations that he had access to tapes proving that Cam Newton knew his father was shopping him.  When push came to shove, Scott Moore provided no proof and lost his job at WZZN-FM in Huntsville.

Yesterday, we had a man who runs the Rivals site covering Auburn — which is known to be one of the most “homerific” Rivals sites in existence — claim on his site’s messageboard and on radio that an Alabama supporter has given cash, a car and promises of future cash to Bama signee Brent Calloway.  Hopefully, if it turns out Jeffery Lee is making wild, false Scott Moore-like accusations, Rivals will sever ties with him.

But many fans of Alabama and Auburn live through these accusations and allegations and walk away not with a sense that things are getting out of control… oh, no.  Instead, they take a mudball to the face and feel the need to commit accusation-one-upmanship.

Anyone care to bet that Auburn won’t soon be hit with another allegation emanating from somewhere inside the Yellowhammer State?  It’s their turn.  Some Bama homer will try to take the spotlight off of the Brent Calloway allegations by tossing new claims toward The Plains.  You can start the clock on that one.

But the only thing more ridiculous than the childlike mudslinging is the fact that so many Tide and Tiger fans believe the whole world is out to get them.

For two months, we put up with Auburn fans blasting us for mentioning the Moore allegations.  To hear many AU fans tell it, we were obviously a site run by Bama fans, out to get Auburn.  As if a site that covers the SEC wasn’t going to mention a media member’s claims that he has explosive tapes of the Newtons.  Please. 

Yesterday, however, we apparently quickly shifted our stance and became big Auburn-backers.  Again, if a media member goes on a radio station and claims that an SEC school has bought a recruit, that’s going to generate fan chatter and that’s going to be covered by an SEC site like ours.  But don’t tell that to many Tide fans.  Clearly, we’re now in cahoots — which is interesting, because personally I’ve never been in cahoots — with and we are both attempting to bring down the Alabama program.

Uh, yeah.

The fact that we flip from “Alabama fans” to “Auburn fans” depending on our latest posting tells us that we must be doing pretty well on the objectivity front.  It also tells us that some UA and AU fans need to start reading what we write… and not what they want to read. 

Personally, I feel very sorry for the Average Joe fan in the state of Alabama.  Those folks pull for their teams and take their kids to games, but they also live out their daily lives normally.  I heard from many fans of both schools yesterday who said they’re sick and tired of all the nonsense surrounding the Iron Bowl rivalry.  Yet those fans are given a bad name by immoderate fans who spend each and every day looking for a reason to scream, “My school is being attacked!”

Perhaps the normal fans of Auburn and Alabama — of which there are many — should slap some type of warning label on fandom within their state.

If pulling for Alabama or Auburn results in bouts of rage, feelings of paranoia, or the desire to harm rival institutions, you should stop practicing fandom.  If pulling for Alabama or Auburn causes the desire to poison a tree, consult your physician immediately.

Unfortunately, to most everyone outside the state of Alabama, it appears that all fans of the Tigers and Tide are about to overdose on hate. 

Here at, we’ll continue to alert you if/when a media member with ties to Alabama or Auburn flings new, baseless accusations at his or her hated rival.  But we suggest you take the claims as we do — with a grain of salt — until these mudslingers actually provide some proof of what they’re shoveling.



bamax - Finebaum graduated from UT. Thanks for pointing out the obvious - that you have no clue what you're talking about.


riiiiight, because I had FSU on the brain and typed that instead of UT it negates the actual documented history of the Barn.


Bama alums & fans enjoy folks from rational fanbases and enjoy ribbing them and conversely taking the ribbing ourselves. it disheartens us to see the news about LSU, South Carolina, UNC, Texas A&M, and some other worthwhile programs. Many schools find themselves in unintentional situations or in the midst of a series of mistakes that must be corrected. Humor helps us all deal with difficult situations.

It's "journalists" like you, John, perpetuating the fringe elements as mainstream.

Auburn is a fringe fanbase supporting an entity with a long history of institutional wrongdoing, much different than many of these other schools. Auburn's SACS probation is the biggest blow to their credibility, their APR disparity among minority athletes, angering MANY other fanbases by questionable recruit "flipping", a long and documented history of institutional PFP, and their all out attacks on any person or business who dares to question Auburn tactics. Auburn also ranks as the #1 school for "oversigning" in the SEC and the #3 all time NCAA violator. Auburn has also won most of the last five years votes for dirtiest football players of the year according to several national websites.

John, you have it entirely wrong to assert that because UofA is in the same state as Auburn, it somehow equates the fanbases.
Do your research and stop listening to Finebaum (an FSU grad, by the way).


Believe me. Tennessee's athletes know what car dealerships offer easy financing. I saw many of them drive off the lot with not a dime down and barely a part time job. These aren't Mose Phillips type cars either. I'm talking brand new cars.


shame on every fan who has brought this rivalry to where it is today....the laughing stock of the ncaa


yeah Tree Guy really hurt the Bama rep... although in Bama's defense the guy was a Texas Police Officer his entire life and had no association with the University

Also, its not Bama fans that are bringing up all these NCAA allegations against Auburn. The New York Times, Fox Sports, HBO, etc dont have anything to do with Alabama

Jeff Lee is MR AUBURN HOMER NEWS and he is the one who is now coming up with allegations against the Tide to deflect some negative attention away from his own school.


Jeff Lee is known mostly for hacking into rivals database to post rivals members' personal info (address, phone, credit card) on the Auburn message board in retaliation for any accusation against Cam Newton

Let me repeat that, if you even joked about Auburn cheating or Cam last season on the rivals network... your personal information would end up in a post on the Auburn message board so that Auburn fans could anonymously take whatever revenge on you that they saw fit (including identity theft)

When you talk about having journalistic standards, and berating SEC fanbases... maybe you should consider your source more carefully next time. I mean who is the source for your next big story... Shane from Centerpoint or I-MAN ?



Berating fanbases? We're pointing out that the lunatic fringe gives the majority of Alabama and Auburn fans a bad name. And judging from the emails we get on a daily basis, the majority of Alabama and Auburn fans agree with us.



I was referring to Jeff Lee... not you

I agree with the lunatic fringe comment... although Jeff Lee operates the Auburn rivals site... you really expect the "lunatic fringe" to be toothless guys sitting in a chair behind a gas station, not the main source of information on Auburn recruiting etc.

although it sounds like J Lee will get whats coming to him.... sounds like he is about to get his ass sued, by the "supporter" he claims paid Brent Calloway... and Mr Lee has gone MIA today not appearing on any of his scheduled appearances to back up his claims

I guess that is the difference between the New York Times or HBO, and a hack blogger and lunatic AU fan who somehow came to operate a website with a somewhat credible name (rivals). It might be fun to start bs rumors about your rivals school anonymously on a message board... but when you take it to the news you better damn sure have your facts right... and if I had to bet I'd say Jeff Lee ends up out of a job over this blunder

john H
john H

Alabama is beautiful state, too bad there Alabamamians living there.


You may want to check your own grammer and spelling before you try to make a dig at someone else. I am a Bama fan who has many friends who are Auburn fans. They were happy for me as I celebrated the Tide's championship and I was happy for them as they celebrated their championship. I think that there are many of us who feel this way, we just don't get on the radio talk shows and talk about it because many of us avoid the radio talk shows. I think some of these shows cause nothing but harm to our state and the GAME of college football. The reason these radio guys do what they do is to get listeners. The bigger mess they can stir up, the more people listen and get angry. Just don't listen and then you will not hear anything to get the blood boiling.


i think you have been smoking bath salts

either that or you are not a real fan and neither are your "friends"

every Bama fan I know was sick to their stomach when SCAM and the Boogs won a title


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