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Newton The Younger Talks Up Newton The Elder

Blood is thicker than water.  It’s also apparently thicker than gallons and gallons and gallons of printers’ ink.

Speaking to ESPN, Cam Newton claimed recently that he and his father Cecil still have an excellent relationship… despite the headaches the father caused for his son by, ya know, trying to sell his talents.

“I wish I could show that Cecil Newton is not what you see when you Google Cecil Newton,” Cam said in a program that will air on the four-letter network tonight.  “If I’m blessed to have a son, I’m going to be the same father figure that my father was to me.”

(Note to college recruiters in 2030: Beware of recruiting Cam Newton’s son.)

Cam also said: “It was extremely hard for me to see a person that was extremely influential in my life to be tarnished in the media.  Through it all, me and my father had an excellent relationship.  What brought me comfort at night through that time was talking to him and seeing the confidence that he had in his voice.”

There should be no shock from a son defending his father.  In fact, it’s good to see that the two men are still close.

At the same time, it’s hard to blame the media for the headlines Cecil Newton received.  If you admit to the NCAA that you had your hand out and tried to sell your son’s services to the highest bidder, you’re going to catch a helluva lot of flak.

If I had robbed a bank yesterday, it would be silly for me to whine about the press coverage of said robbery today.  After all, I’d be the one who chose to rob a bank.


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