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King: Mallett Should’ve Gone To Meetings Sick

Anyone who’s ever had a stomach bug knows that the last thing you want to be is out in public.  But Sports Illustrated’s Peter King believes Ryan Mallett would’ve helped his draft cause if he’d ignored his nausea during a recently scheduled meeting with the Carolina Panthers.

It was initially reported that the former Arkansas quarterback skipped his meetings with Carolina brass — not to be confused with Tijuana Brass, mind you — after staying out too late partying.  Mallett’s agent and the Panthers shot down the report.  But it still might not help the QB on draft day, according to King:


“After the dinner, Mallett’s next scheduled appointment with the Panthers was breakfast at his hotel the next day with offensive coordinator (Rob) Chudzinski.  Mallett arrived for the meeting and said he’d been sick all night and still was feeling nauseous.  He was told to go get some rest, and if he felt better, he could meet with coaches later in the day.  But he continued to feel ill and just flew home that day instead of meeting with the Panthers.

Now, for the majority of players without a history of off-the-field red flags, this would be easy.  Kid’s been traveling a lot, kid got sick.  With Mallett, he should have dragged himself through an uncomfortable day any way possible so that he didn’t give the other 31 teams another log on the fireplace to burn his reputation.  Not a smart move by the kid.”


There’s an obvious joke in there thanks to King’s choice of words, but I’ll let it be.

No one is as connected as King when it comes to NFL sources, so when he writes that Mallett hurt himself by not working through his illness, I’ll buy it.  But I don’t think it’s fair.

If Mallett was truly ill, it’s hard to fault him for not leaving his hotel — or his restroom — to meet with potential employers.

However, depending on the time of Mallett’s flight home, one could easily point out that an airport and an airplane is no place to be with a stomach bug, either.

Suffice to say, leading up to this week’s draft, Mallett can’t seem to catch a break off the field.




1. I note the substance of the valid assertions has not been questioned: because you can't.

2. Fool with Gruden? Saying "sir" every ten seconds, not realizing being seen with Daly is a bad idea, and scribbling up an obviously scripted play while stuttering? Nice...

3. Mallett is what Mallett IS.




Ryan Mallett is what Ryan Mallett IS: which -- certainly -- doesn't appear to be an individual who can be counted on to perform as a professional.

The apologists scream "smear," but the obvious defense for such supposed slander is truth. Reality? Mallett was out the night before and showed up "ill." There's very little to be rationalized there, although those riding the jock of my alma mater's former interception prone signalcaller continue to wail.

Here's the deal. If you desire Mallett to be drafted higher than he should have performed in big games, ceased the back breaking interceptions, not gotten arrested in Fayetteville, CARRIED OUT HIS OBLIGATIONS IN CAROLINA, not looked like a fool with Coach Gruden, addressed his ongoing personal issues at the combine, and had the cajones (just read a report) to show up at the draft: if he's so sure he'll be taken early.

I assure you, there IS NO "attempted smear campaign," there's just Mallett exposing himself.


I think this was a lose lose situation for Mallet. He does not go to the meeting because he is sick, well maybe its because he got drunk the nigth before. He shows up to the meeting sick, i cant belive Mallet showed up to the meeting sick from getting drunk the night before....I'm not a Mallet fan but like i said he would have got blamed either way i think..


The attempted smear campaign on Mallett is unbelieveable. Why is no one smearing the laptop stealing, $250k earning, want to be called an "icon" QB from Auburn? Character issues from Mallett? what a joke.


I could refute many of your claims but there is no point in doing so because you are what you are...a very unhappy person who gets his jolly's going around to different mallett articles and attempting to bring him down with bogus claims and absurd statements. The mere fact that you are trying to suggest that referring to someone as "sir" is foolish while also trying to downplay his obvious knowledge of the AR playbook shows how ridiculous your assertions actually are. Just a little tip...all plays are "scripted." I feel so bad for you that after this I will not be responding to your nonsense ever again. It's just sad, but if you would like to constantly make a fool of yourself it is none of my business to try and stop you.


Most of that post is nonsense that doesn't even deserve to be acknowledged, but out of curiosity in what way did he look like a fool with Coach Gruden? Was it when Gruden asked him to draw up a play and watched as Mallett proceeded to explain what every receiver, te, rb, and lineman was supposed to do in different situations depending on coverage? You really need to stop floating around to every article written about Arkansas/Mallett on sports websites and find something better to do with your time. If you want to talk some football fine, but all you ever do is try to bring down Mallett/Petrino. You are not a fan, and the fact that you choose to spend your time trying to flame articles makes me feel very sorry for you. I hope for your sake you can move past that.


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