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Gator Fans Now Have To Wait Out Urban-To-OSU Rumors

Right now, Urban Meyer’s legacy at Florida is secure.  Six seasons, a 65-15 record, three trips to Atlanta, two SEC titles and two national championships.  He also recruited, signed and coached Tim Tebow, perhaps the most popular Gator ever.

Pretty good legacy.

But what if Jim Tressel’s likely demise at Ohio State leads to the resurrection of Meyer’s coaching career in the Buckeye State?  And what if Meyer goes on to have more success in Columbus than Will Muschamp has in Gainesville?

At that point, the memories of Meyer might change for a few UF fans.  In the eyes of some he would go from a terrific coach who left to spend time with his family — and due to some type of unspecified health concern — to a man who simply left the Gators for greener pastures.

Until something happens on the Tressel front, Meyer’s name will be tossed around in connection with the OSU job.  It’s already happening:

Last week, long-time analyst Beano Cook predicted on ESPN radio that “Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012.”

George Diaz of The Orlando Sentinel wrote yesterday that the hire of Meyer would be “a major saving-face outcome to (OSU’s) sorry mess.”

Mark Bradley of The AJC wrote yesterday that “If Tressel does fall, there’d be no better choice as replacement.”

And there are more.  Across the web the train of speculation has left the station.  Meyer to OSU makes sense.

But wouldn’t it also make Florida fans just a little bit angry so soon after Meyer started his “I’m leaving to be with my family” sabbatical?


useless opinion
useless opinion

Seeing as to how we just gave Spurrier a freaking STATUE less than a month ago,after he just took us to the wood shed on Natl. T.v. I highly doubt our orange and blue panties will get in a wad over meyer coaching all the way in Ohio.


As a Gator fan, I have no problem with and in fact would love to see Ohio State get Meyer. When ever Ohio State plays a top SEC team though, it will not matter, Ohio State will get spanked.

Gator Fan
Gator Fan

As a big gator fan, I as well would not mind if Meyer starting coaching somewhere else. This is as long as he is not coaching in the SEC, it is whatever. Gator Nation is excited about Will Muschamp being the new coach and somthing simply was not right with Urban Meyer at Florida last year. So it was time for him to move on! I wish him luck


As a Gator fan, I would not be angry with Meyer coaching somewhere else besides Florida. Clearly something was wrong with him in 2010. The coach that year was not the same coach as we saw from 2005 to 2009. Could he have gotten his mojo back had he stayed at Florida? Perhaps, but twice he obviously felt like it was time for him to go.

I am not completely sure what caused Meyer's resignation both times, but if we take Meyer at his word, (and there is verylittle reason not to do that), then it was health issues. Those helath issues that prompted him to make those resignation decisions will not change if another program comes calling.


OSU seems like the likely scenario, but if Meyer were smart he would hold out for Texas. OSU will likely have NCAA sanctions to deal with. Texas is the gold standard as far as money, facilities, and recruiting. Scratch that, Texas doesn't recruit, texas makes a list of the 25 best players in Texas and offers them scholarships. With Nebraska's defection, Texas now has a 1 game schedule (Oklahoma) and no conference championship game. The fact that Meyer has remained in Gainesville as opposed to returning to the midwest seems to indicate he has gotten used to wearing flip flops in March and not having to deal with snow 6 months a year.


Urban has stated in the past that the only programs he would come back for are Ohio St, Notre Dame, and Michigan. He also said his wife had no say on the topic if the position opened and he wanted it..


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