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ESPN Doesn’t Share Knight’s Views On Kentucky

Now that Bob Knight has apologized for making things “personal” with Kentucky — not for making false statements, mind you — his bosses at ESPN are trying to distance themselves from The General’s comments.

Executive VP of production at ESPN Norby Williamson said yesterday via statement that “Bob Knight’s comments do not reflect the opinions of and are not endorsed by ESPN.”  He added, “We have communicated to him our disappointment and welcome his apology.”

Over the weekend, Knight claimed at a speaking engagement that UK’s five starters from their 2010 Elite Eight squad “had not been to class” during that spring semester which he tied to “that one-and-done philosophy.”

Only three of UK’s starters in the NCAA tourney were one-and-doners and it’s pretty hard to believe that not one of those five players went to a single class for an entire semester.

Do some professors take care of athlete’s grades?  Certainly.  But not all.  And if UK’s issues were as rampant as Knight suggested, you can bet a few Kentucky professors would have gone public — even anonymously, if necessary — to shine a light on such the problem.

Knight hates John Calipari and he apparently has had issues with Kentucky basketball over the years, too.  So in his attempt to rail against “that one-and-done philosophy” he hates, he just tossed out some unverified, over-the-top claims about the program and coach most associated with one-and-doners.

The result?  The suits at ESPN have allowed Knight to give a pseudo apology via statement.  So once again the bully goes unpunished and his behavior is only reinforced. 

Sidenote — Those are weasels in the photo at left.  I thought it an appropriate photo to run with this story.


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