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Auburn To Unveil Statues Of Heisman Winners

In the “irony can be pretty ironic sometimes” category, this one’s a peach.

Auburn announced last night that the school will unveil bronze statues of its three Heisman Trophy winners at Jordan-Hare Stadium sometime in this academic year.

Athletic director Jay Jacobs said that an artist had already begun work on statues of Pat Sullivan and Bo Jackson earlier this year.  In a letter announcing the statues, Jacobs said: “Little did we know that we would need to add a third statue so soon.”

The third statue, of course, will be a likeness of Cam Newton.

Here’s the irony part: As you know, many Auburn fans and Alabama fans don’t exactly get along.  If one school does something, the rival fanbase often mocks that thing.  Alabama’s new statue of Nick Saban is just such a thing.  And Auburn fans have mocked it.  One even took to The Birmingham News’ sound-off comment page to suggest that the folks in Tuscaloosa had made a false idol.

So what’s that guy going to say now?

The lesson: Be careful how you make fun of your rivals.



I think that's a fine tradition...and one that wouldn't be affected by waiting until Saban was no longer the coach there. It just seems a little narcissistic of Saban to allow that while he's still coaching. And before you try to say "maybe saban didnt have a say so in when it went up", stop and think about that. He has total control there and could have made them wait if he wanted.


Bama has the tradition of making statues of NC coaches.


I don't have a problem with statues necessarily....but what I think is strange about the Saban statue is that he is still the current head coach. Statues seem like something you do after a person is gone.



Agreed. But Alabama puts up a statue of any coach who wins a national title and Saban won one. Also, it's probably not a bad recruiting tool to lead prospects through a "Walk of Champions" that includes a statue of the players' potential coach.

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