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Writer: Martin’s Style Of Play Might Turn Off Vol Fans

David Climer of The Tennessean believes the style of play favored by new Tennessee hoops coach Cuonzo Martin could be a downer for Vol fans.

… many are concerned that Martin’s coaching philosophy — based on the principles taught by his old college coach, Gene Keady — will be a turn-ff to UT’s fan base.  The spike in attendance, not to mention the refurbishing of the arena, came when (Bruce) Pearl was entertaining fans by reeling off victories with a pressing defense and an offensive high-wire act.

So in addition to replacing a popular, successful coach, inheriting a questionable roster as well as NCAA sanctions and probation, and working for a lame duck athletic director… Martin will also need to play an aesthetically pleasing style of basketball, too?

Perhaps it would be better if Vol fans — who’ve been through the ringer in recent years — simply support their new coach and hope that he wins without drawing the attention of the NCAA.  For a program with Tennessee’s shaky history, it seems a bit presumptuous for some to demand style points on top of actual points.

Had the Volunteers been able to lure Butler’s Brad Stevens to Knoxville — as many Big Orange fans had hoped — would there have been concerns about his deliberate style of play?

Interestingly, this year’s Tennessee team averaged 69.9 points per game under Pearl.  Martin’s Missouri State club averaged 69.8.



Um, yeah, like the others have said, Pearl's style the last 2 years has been beyond boring. So, Climer (once again) makes an unvalid point.

And since when did Mike Hamilton become a "lame-duck" athletic director. Chancellor Cheek just recently came out and said Hamilton is our athletic director and there are no plans otherwise. Please stop trying to run Hamilton out of town and replace him with Fulmer, which would be your dream come true.



I've been accused repeatedly of taking up for Hamilton. I have also been accused of being anti-Fulmer. Thanks for showing that I call this one down the middle. 'Cause if folks see it both ways, it proves I'm being objective.

And if you think Cheek's statements supporting Hamilton put him on solid ground, you obviously weren't paying attention when Cheek and Hamilton spent 6 months telling Bruce Pearl that he was on solid ground.

Hamilton remains in a pinch and we at believe he will be gone after Tennessee's NCAA hearings in June. At the same time -- as we've written previously -- we feel that Hamilton has been a scapegoat in some respects for everything that has gone wrong at Tennessee.

And for the record, while Fulmer would be welcomed back by a number of UT powerbrokers, we can't help but think that Tennessee would be dividing its fanbase once more if it eventually tries to hire Fulmer as athletic director... a position he's told friends that he IS interested in.



UT hasn't played the run and gun style in at least 2 years. I understand Climer's point (for a change) but as long as their wining it will not matter.


i dont think climer speaks for vols fans. Pearls offense the last 2 years was quite boring and he hasnt pressed in 3 years.
Seems you shouldnt judge UT fans on Climer

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