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UM’s Mackey Now Says His Speech Issues Aren’t Concussion-Related

Good Lord, I wish we could talk about actual sports on this site.  Just once.

Instead it’s lying coaches, photos of coaches with prospects, people being fired, secondary NCAA violations, lawsuits, alleged tape recordings of telephone conversations, etc, etc, etc.

Aren’t there some basketball games this afternoon or something?

Well, here’s the latest nonsensical off-field story making headlines in the Southeastern Conference — Ole Miss quarterback candidate Randall Mackey now admits that he lied about his ongoing speech problems being tied to a concussion he suffered in the eighth grade.

When he made the comments on Monday, we wondered why in the world a player who had literally been hit so hard he couldn’t speak correctly would still… be… playing… football.

Apparently some folks in Oxford wondered about Mackey’s claims, too.  That led to admission by Mackey.  Yesterday, he released a statement through Mississippi’s PR department.

“My communication issues are something I have dealt with throughout my life and do not stem from a head injury,” Mackey said in the release.  “It is a topic that is uncomfortable for me to discuss, and pointing to an injury was a convenient way to avoid talking about he problem.

“I also want to clarify that my concussion in the eighth grade is the only one I have experienced in my life.  I’m sorry for creating this confusion, and I appreciate everyone’s support as I continue to improve my communications skills and compete to be the Rebels’ starting quarterback.”

Here’s another way of handling questions about a speech impediment — kindly, respectfully tell the reporter asking you about it that you’d rather not discuss that as it’s a very personal issue.

If a reporter then writes about it… it’s on him for being a heartless weasel.  Luckily, there aren’t that many heartless weasels serving as beatwriters for college teams.  National columnists and bloggers and talking heads?  Plenty of weasels. 

But if Mackey had told Kyle Veazey of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger that he didn’t want to talk about that situation, I’m guessing the writer wouldn’t have pushed too hard. 

Honesty beats making up a story about concussions any day.


marcus black
marcus black

So if a reporter writes about Mackey's speech problem he is a heartless weasel? What does that then make a guy who runs a website who re-reports the guys problem and calls out any other reporter who writes about these personal problems?
I get your point, but why even feel the need to propagate this so called news even more than it already has been spread?


marcus black...

No, if Randall Mackey told a reporter that he was uncomfortable talking about his speech impediment and the reporter took him to task for not talking, THEN the reporter would be a heartless weasel.

No one called out Kyle Veazey. Read the story and you'll see that we make it clear we don't think he'd have pushed Mackey if Mackey had just been honest with him.

As for why we included this story, well, when a player says he has a speech impediments caused by a concussion, it's newsworthy... as in: Why is he still playing? So when he then comes back and say he wasn't impacted by a concussion -- which makes the school look better -- it's also news.

Glad to know you got my point.


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