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Site Accuses Garcia Of All-Night Partying Before Chick-fil-A Bowl

We’re a little late to this party because we think the reporting here is at best a little shady.  When someone makes big accusations, it’s nice if they also provide some proof, some evidence to back them up.  (You listening, Scott Moore?)

That said, a report by a South Carolina political/sports/whatever site called is gaining traction on the internet, popping up at sites like and  Too bad no one is a) providing the aforementioned evidence or b) pointing out that the original story might be — and probably is — complete nonsense.

According to FITSNews, Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia performed poorly in the Chick-fil-A Bowl against Florida State back on New Year’s Eve because he was partying too hard the night before the game.

Multiple sources tell FITS that Garcia — who is known to party like a rock star — was involved in a massive, all-night bender in his hotel room the night before the bowl game.  In fact, Garcia’s alleged party became so raucous that the S.C. Highway Patrol — which provided security for the team during its stay in Atlanta — was called to investigate.

Upon entering Garcia’s hotel room, they are said to have discovered the quarterback in a highly-intoxicated state in the company of five different young women — two of whom were completely naked.

So Garcia was partying loudly enough to draw the attention of the police before drawing the attention of his teammates — some of whom probably did want to win their bowl — or his coaches?  Isn’t more likely that a teammate annoyed by his starting quarterback’s antics would have taken care of matters himself?  Or called his coaches?  It’s doubtful a player would have called the cops on a teammate.  Also, you can bet Carolina’s players’ rooms weren’t just mixed in with the general hotel population.  Ma and Pa Lowcountry probably weren’t in the room next door to Garcia’s.  If someone called the cops, chances are it would have been a teammate.

But let’s move past that point.  If the site’s report is correct, the cops broke up the party and apparently sent the girls on their way.  At that point USC’s coaches must have been alerted.  So what did they do when they found their star quarterback liquored up with a bevy of babes?

Rather than let Garcia sleep his big night off, our sources say that the USC coaching staff forced him to run on a treadmill while he was still hungover.  There was reportedly even talk of benching him for the bowl game — or at least sitting him out for a series…

Sources close to the S.C. Highway Patrol have confirmed the first-hard accounts we’ve been provided about Garcia’s big night in Atlanta, although no one from the agency will go on the record.  Also, the University of South Carolina has declined to comment on the allegations.

Okay, so Steve Spurrier has a choice to make in the hours leading up to his team’s bowl game with FSU: Bench Garcia and go with Connor Shaw (who he likes anyway)… start Garcia… or wear Garcia out on a treadmill while he’s still hungover and then start him.  Option 3 sounds like the most far-fetched possibility out there.

And just exactly what is a source “close to the S.C. Highway Patrol” anyway?  A neighbor of a cop?

We have no problem with unnamed sources if we trust the person doing the reporting and if the rest of his story is believable.  Unfortunately, we don’t know very much about the writer of this story — aside from his bio page. 

Oh, that and the fact that he made national news last year when he claimed that he had had an affair with a Republican gubernatorial candidate in the Palmetto State.  Governor Nikki Haley denied the charge.  Also, back in 2005, Will Folks was arrested and pleaded guilty to criminal domestic violence.

Now maybe Folks and his website are right as rain, but his background leads to us to question his anonymous sources.

So why then are we linking to this story?  Because we cover news in the SEC and this story has picked up enough steam to be considered news at this point.  But unlike most other folks who blindly link you to these kinds of things, we believe it’s important for someone — anyone — to question the veracity of the report.

Garcia has a reputation for partying and we’re a firm believe in never saying never, but this story seems unlikely (and not just because it’s taken more than two months to leak).  If we had been told that Garcia had tied one on in the week leading up to the game, fine.  Boys will be boys.  But to think Spurrier would find his quarterback partying just hours before a big bowl game, make him run on a treadmill, and then start him in that game with a hangover?  Sorry, we’ll require more proof before we fully buy into that one.



I don't pull for the Gamecocks, but this is complete BS. I'm not buying it and I'm definitely not buying that Will Folks slept around with Nikki Haley. I'm pretty confident that if she was sleeping around she would have found somebody a little more established and better looking than this Folks bozo. This guy is just trying to make a name for himself. After reading his bio, it doesn't take a rocket scientist is determine he is a complete loser that is full of himself when he really shouldn't be. Guy looks like a douche bag dork. The story makes no sense, all college football teams sleep on the same floor in rooms next to each other with a teammate or roommate and have nightly curfew checks by coaches. I bet his next breaking story will be that he slept with the same 5 girls the next night in a suite he paid for at the W Atlanta Hotel, and they told him the story after he bought each of them a bottle of Dom with a diamond ring in it.


Yep, another hack job by another ejounalist. Just wish the acknowleged lack of the writer's credibility was also acknowledged on all the "reports" of Ryan Mallet's so called "drug abuse". No facts + no public source = no story.

OBC's cardiologist
OBC's cardiologist

I don't believe it, either. Yeah, Garcia might party like a Rock Star. He may or may not have had some naked women in his room. Perhaps he keyed the FSU team bus between lap dances. Who really knows? /shakes head

Stephen, instead of pretending to be Charlie Sheen, maybe you should pretend to be a quarterback.


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