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New Tourney Broadcasts Will Take Some Getting Used To

It’ll be a headline-heavy morning today and we’ll jump write into that fray in just a second.  But first…

The new CBS/Turner coverage of the NCAA Tournament is going to take some getting used to.  After 30 years on CBS, not seeing the familiar graphics and hearing the familiar theme music was more than a little jarring on Tuesday.  Last night’s “First Four” games did not seem like actual NCAA tourney games… and it wasn’t just because they were played before the brackets really get under way. 

Looking at the screen, it was as if the ol’ television had clicked over to an NBA D-League game on Versus by mistake.

It wouldn’t have helped Turner’s branding, but this season’s expansion of coverage might have gone a little smoother for viewers had CBS/Turner kept CBS’ old music and look while adding Turner’s logos and personnel.

We’ll see how things go on Thursday when things tip off in full.  But for now, it’s unlikely this year’s tourney will feel like the NCAA Tournament at all.


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