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Moore Continues To Talk Up Newton Tapes, But The Newtons Might Not Even Be On Them

For his sake, I hope Scott Moore really has got his hands on some explosive tapes.  If he doesn’t, then he’s just turned himself into the biggest buffoon in America.

A little backstory:

* Moore has just launched a radio show in Huntsville, Alabama and he’s said that he wants to get that show syndicated.

* Moore claims that former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and booster Bill Bell have audio tapes of Cecil Newton asking for cash from MSU.

* On the tapes, Newton supposedly claims that Tennessee has offered $200,000 for his son.  He says he has an offer of $180,000 from Auburn.

* Moore claims that on one of the tapes, Cam Newton is in the room with his father.

* Moore is making appearances on radio shows across the Southeast to talk up his claims.

* Moore says the NCAA has heard some of the tapes, but not all of them.

* When asked why the tapes haven’t been released to the public yet, Moore said last week that the tapes are “valuable.”

* Moore, Bond and Bell have all taken heat across the internet — starting with our “Put Up or Shut Up” piece last Friday — for apparently looking for a ratings boost (for Moore’s show) and cash (for Bond’s and Bell’s tapes).

Yesterday, Moore appeared on WGFX-FM in Nashville.  He reiterated his previous claims.  He seemed to put the breaks on the rumors that he’ll play the tapes on his show in two weeks, however.

“They’re real, they’re legit.  And they have a lot of information on there that I think is gonna clarify a lot of things for a lot of people,” Moore said.  “That’s all we’re trying to do, is find out what the answers to these questions are and I think we’ll be able to do that once we are able to play these things.  I want everybody to hear them.  I’d like to get the information out there.”

So why hasn’t he?  Is he still using the “they’re valuable” argument?  The one that made it clear to everyone that he and Bond and Bell are looking for a payday?  Of course not.  He’s felt the backlash and he’s changed his story.  Value?  Did I say value?  I meant…

“The answer to that question is real simple.  A, I’m not going to put something on the air that I can’t back up 100 percent, that I’ve had substantiated and authenticated.  I’m going to make sure when we go in there and play this, from a liability standpoint, that we’re good to go.  And I think that’s a smart business decision, one.  I’m not going to rush out just because we have this story and we have these tapes — and I’ve got some of them in my possession as we speak — but I’m not gonna go play this stuff on the air for money, to get recognized.  I’m gonna make sure that this stuff is done right and this story is down right and the due diligence is done on it.”


But he will of course go on station after station quoting the tapes and smearing (further) the reputations of the Newtons, Auburn and Tennessee.

If this is a ratings stunt — and I’d bet my house that it is — here’s hoping SEC commissioner Mike Slive takes the time during the SEC meetings this spring to let each of his coaches and ADs know that they’re not to do any appearances on Moore’s show.  Moore might have a tough time syndicating a radio show across the South if he can’t land a single big-name SEC figure as a guest.

For what it’s worth, another site has put together a somewhat confusing A to B to Z tale of the tapes on Misters Moore, Bond, Bell and Kenny Rogers.  According to that site’s own unnamed source Moore’s tapes likely don’t include Newton’s voice at all.

Until we hear the tapes with our own ears, we’ll continue to say that Moore, Bond and Bell have little credibility.  They may be selling, but we ain’t buying.


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