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Bond’s Attorney Says Audio Clip Of “Cecil Newton” A Fake

Remember that ridiculous sound clip that we linked you to yesterday?  The one we said sounded no more credible than any of the rest of Scott Moore’s claims? 

Well, the attorney for former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond now says that clip — allegedly of Cecil Newton (surrounded by vacuum cleaners and hissing cats, apparently) claiming to have gotten a cash offer for his son — is “not authentic.”  He told The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, “It is a fake.”

If this weren’t a family site, I’d insert a phrase right here ending in the word “Sherlock.”

Of course it’s fake.  This whole story appears to be fake.  But we’ll keep covering it so Bond, Bell and Moore can’t just take the quiet way out, hoping no one holds them accountable for the claims and allegations they’ve stated (and leaked).

But while yesterday’s sound clip was a fake, Bond (shown at left) did however promise on the radio this week that he would provide a real “snippet” of a recording that “exonerates Mississippi State, myself, and Bill Bell.”

Scott Moore — the main stirrer of all this… mess — said of Bond’s snippet: “It’ll give ‘em something to talk about, I guarantee you.”

Sure it will.

So far Moore has drummed up lots of talk about his radio show.  Congratulations to him.

Unfortunately, Moore, Bond and Bell have also destroyed whatever reputations they once had.  If they have tapes, they need to play them.  If they don’t, they should shut up and go away. 

By talking and accusing and threatening and teasing they have: a) damaged their own names and credibility and b) made sure their beloved MSU, the SEC, Auburn, Tennessee and Alabama fans have all taken black eyes in the press and from a laughing mob of football fans to the East, North and West.

Worse, only an imbecile would play a “snippet” of a tape and say, “There, that exonerates me.”  Uh, how ’bout we hear what else is on that tape before we go clearing Bond’s name.  It’s called editing and Bond could have edited his snippet… or faked it, just like the internet clip now making the rounds.

If Bond does play a clip it will be believed only by rabid MSU fans who desperately want proof that their school did nothing wrong in the recruitment of Newton.  (As if Bond would play a recording showing that he, Bell and MSU actually did something wrong.)

We know that homers will celebrate Bond’s snippet because Alabama homers — desperately wanting proof that Auburn did do something wrong — bit hook, line and sinker on yesterday’s fugazi.

In this world, with millions of news sources on the web and on talk radio, many tend to seek out the news they want to hear rather than, you know, actual, credible, fact-based news.  And that’s a shame.  Because it gives guys like Moore and Bond a platform to make strong claims while presenting little to no evidence.

Delivering an opinion is one thing.  These men are pushing what they claim to be facts.  Yet they still won’t let anybody see or hear what facts they might have.

So, sorry, fellas.  We’re still not buying.



Whoa Hoss ! Andy Bond , John's father was not broke and the family remained in Valdosta , GA . They had money because I would see them at social gatherings at my parents home and my folks are wealthy. John came from a good family . His mom was about 6 ft tall. I saw the car and yes his family gave it to him....Get facts strait !


I am a MSU fan and wish the three idiots would drop out of sight. I am sure MSU officials wish the same. MrSEC is right in covering it because it is news.

Fact is, Bond is a low-life, hypocrite. He had a brand new, candy apple red, convertible corvette with personalized plate "BOND" while on campus although his family didn't have two pennies to rub together. Rumors were that his dad was given a salaried position at a car dealership. So, SHUT UP AND GO AWAY Bond!


I wouldn't even know this was still a story if I didn't see it on this site every day. Given the short attention span of the sports public, I don't believe that many people outside the state of Alabama still follow this anywhere near as fervently as this site does. Ask most people in the country about Cam Newton and they will talk draft status. But not here, here we get daily reports on the situation even if it's just to say "Nothing new yet, we'll keep you posted. I sure hate having to cover this story every day . . . "

Maybe you can install a little status button on the side of the page. If there is no change it will be green. If there are rumors out we could move it to yellow. An actual new story with new information could go red (aka meltdown coverage!). Then you could link all 50+ posts on Newton at one spot.



We'll run this site the way we like. And the fact that John Bond says yesterday's tape was a fake? Yeah, that's new information. That's news. It would be color-coded as red in your system.

Also, I'm sorry you think this is the only site covering the story. Apparently you're not clicking the links that take you to other outlets' coverage. And seeing as how Moore has made radio appearances across the Southeast this week, I'd say your "nobody cares outside of Alabama" argument is just as nonsensical.

We do our best to bring you fresh, interesting news everyday. But a lot of the crap we have to cover is not fun. It's a pain. But we do it anyway. So instead of instructing us on how to cover the news, you could just say, "Thanks for doing this, I'm an adult, and I can read whatever I like on your site."

But no, you complain that you might actually have to take your right finger and scroll three inches down the page to find the next story on the list. Poor baby.



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