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That’s So Raven… Nutt Explains Forged Signature Flap

Appearing on Rivals Radio, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt has given up a few more details regarding the bizarre signing day flap involving defensive back Floyd Raven.

As we reported last week, Raven sent in a signed letter of intent to the UM football offices last Wednesday.  Only he didn’t.  His mom did.  In fact, she apparently forged her son’s signature.

“The next thing you know, we get a call from Floyd,” Nutt said.  “He said, ‘Coach, it was my mom.’  I said, ‘Your mom is really smart.’  After a 20-minute conversation, I knew he wanted to go to (Texas) A&M.  I said go ahead and go to A&M, we’re gonna tear this one up.”

“The only thing that looked funny was the name was printed and then it was signed.  We actually said, ‘Went another one in.  It doesn’t look quite right.’  There was a little bit of hesitation there.  It was crazy.”

That’s so Raven.



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