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Signing Day 2011: The Battle For Kentucky

Looking only at 2011 signees/enrollees — and not players who signed in 2010 but are enrolling now — the state of Kentucky produced:

0… 5-stars
2… 4-stars
15… 3-stars

Here’s who mined the state’s Top 17 players for signatures:

5… Kentucky
3… Louisville
1… Air Force
1… Harvard (FCS)
1… Illinois
1… Indiana
1… Southern Cal
1… Tennessee-Martin (FCS)
1… Western Kentucky
1… UCF (pending)
1… Still Unsigned

State Champion: Kentucky (if there is one)

The Wildcats get the nod, but the state’s three best players are headed to Illinois, Southern Cal and likely Central Florida.  Louisville had a very strong class this year, but the Cardinals didn’t match UK inside the Bluegrass State.  So Joker Phillips has got that going for him.




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