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Shoop Wants To Run The Tampa Two At Vandy

New Vanderbilt defensive coordinator Bob Shoop opened up to The Tennessean yesterday about his plans for the Commodore defense.  Two words: Tampa Two.

“If you’re asking my beliefs in a perfect world, the Tampa 4-3 is something I have always studied,” Shoop said.  “Coach (Mike) Tomlin has had a great effect on me when he was at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He’s now the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and he’s a William & Mary graduate, so he and I have spend a great deal of time together.

“My experiences at Boston College, we were a big zone-blitz, fire-zone team.  And a little bit of what we call our ‘chaos package,’ which is our third-down deal.  If you watch the Packers or the Steelers, or the Ravens or maybe the Eagles or Jets… some of the unorthodox style of things that they do to create pass-rush mismatched and to get after the quarterback.  Those are the things we will ultimately end up being.”

At least that’s the goal.  The Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Eagles and Jets all have an awful lot of talent on their defensive units.  Whether VU can recruit the players necessary to make such a gambling style pay off is yet to be seen.

If the Commodores are going to run more Tampa Two defense (from a 4-3 base), James Franklin and crew will need to recruit fast defensive ends, cornerbacks who can jam receivers at the line of scrimmage, and smaller, faster linebackers who will be called upon to drop into coverage quite a bit.  Speed is the key, not necessarily size in the traditional Tampa Two.



I just find it kind of funny that Vandy is going to try to run something called a "chaos package." Would that be chaos for the Vanderbilt defense or the opposing team? LOL!


the issue for vandy has always been depth. they actually have a bit of talent on the defensive side of the ball (marve, Greenstone, ladler, heyward) but they get gassed by the time the 2nd half rolls around. the offense improving is the main key to vandys success on d, they were 112th last season with only 11 td passes. an improved offense would even out time of possession, reduce the chance of injuries on d, and keep the starters fresh. Franklin has been praising Shoop as an "innovator," i'd imagine that means he has more tricks up his sleeve than the tampa 2.


Vandy has traditionally had problems matching up, size-wise, on the line in the SEC, so this might be an interesting approach. Smaller D-linemen, though, can mean more injuries and Vandy does not need more of that.

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