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Richt: What The Heck Is A Non-Committable Offer?

In case you missed it, Mark Richt made an interesting comment yesterday about how some schools come into his state and… well… we’ll let him tell you.  When asked about his “Dream Team” of in-state prospects, Richt told the Georgia press the following:

“That is one of those years in the state where we thought there was some elite players.  One of the hardest things for us to do is to evaluate and nail down who you’re going to go after, especially in our own state.  A lot of the out of state teams will just come in and just offer like mad.  They’ll come in and just offer like candy.  Quite frankly I’m not going to name names of schools, but a lot of them will do that just to get in the fight and if the kid commits too soon and they’re not sure they want (him), they’ll just tell them that’s not a committable offer.  Whatever the heck that means?  If we offer a kid in our state and he says he’s coming, we wants to take him, okay?  Sometime we’re a little bit slower to offer maybe than some out of state schools.  Sometimes that might hurt a kid’s feelings.  Sometimes that might hurt a coach’s feelings.  That’s not our intention.  Our intention is to have integrity when we offer a kid and be able to follow through.”



No he's talking about Dooley at Tennessee but it's also just a political play, same as we see all the time from coaches, rather than a genuine sign of integrity. He happens to be right and in this case being right happens to be expedient for him.


Does Richt finally have some fire in his pants? I wonder if he is talking about losing a few kids from within an hour of Athens to Tennessee? It doesn't seem to me though that Tennessee is in any position to tell a kid his offer is "not committable." I would be more inclined to think he is talking about Bama or Auburn. I am also more inclined to think that he wouldn't be taking a shot at Dooley, as I'm guessing they have a very good relationship and Dooley doesn't seem the type to get under anyones skin. I'm guessing this has to do Chizik and Saban.

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