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Radio Host Claims Newton Was In The Room When Papa Discussed Money

As expected, Huntsville radio host Scott Moore was back on the air this morning — this time with WNSP-FM 105.5 in Mobile — talking about the audio tapes he claims to have heard relating to Cam Newton.

In today’s interview, Moore reveals that the tapes he’s heard were made by former MSU players John Bond and Bill Bell.  (Earlier today, we reported that the tapes Moore discussed yesterday were the much-rumored Kenny Rogers-owned tapes, mainly because he did not specify in the webclip available to us who had made the tapes.  In referring today to the tapes made by Bond and Bell, it now appears that at least three different people — Bond, Bell and Rogers — possess tapes and text messages relating to Newton.)

In today’s interview, Moore makes the following claims:

1.  Cam was in the room when Cecil asked Mississippi State for more money.

2.  The NCAA has copies of some of the tapes.

3.  Cecil reveals on one tape that he received a $200,000 offer from Tennessee but also said he’d give Mississippi State a $20,000 discount.

4.  The NCAA is about to start looking into Auburn’s recruiting practices in Arkansas.  (The NCAA was asking questions in Louisiana last week.)

5.  An FBI agent told Bond that Cam will be a footnote in the bureau’s investigation and that the investigation into Colonial Bank will eventually be a problem for Auburn.

(Sidenote — Anybody else sick of this crap?  The story?  The rumors?  The claims?  The two-bit cowards who have tapes but refuse to release them?  The stories that change from day to day?  Good God in Heaven let us please go back to talking about football and basketball.  Rant over.  Feeling better now.)

Some questions:

First, why doesn’t Bond — the former MSU quarterback — stop giving radio interviews, teasing information and allowing others to hear his tapes and instead just release the ******* things?

“I heard bits and pieces of them back in September.  I heard the rest of it in October and into November.  And so, you know, uh, John Bond is a very good friend of mine.  And the day John interviewed with the NCAA back in September he told me about it.  And there’s another, I would say, several guys that John trusted and, uh, and went public.  We sat down and let these guys hear the tapes. … And I’m sure those guys will end up coming out very, very soon as well with what they’ve heard. … I just spoke with John earlier today and HBO’s trying to get John to come out on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ and, you know, put these tapes out on ‘Real Sports.  And he’s been reluctant to do that because Mississippi State has said, ‘Hey, look, just kinda stay out of it.’”

Apparently Bond doesn’t really want to stay out of it or he’d stop teasing the world with his knowledge and tapes.  He wants the spotlight.  If he didn’t, he’d tell Scott Moore to pipe down and stop drawing it back towards Bond.  So why would Bond want the spotlight?

“Obviously these things, obviously they’ve got a lot of value.  Obviously.  And, uh, you know I think, uh, they belong to Bill Bell and they belong to John Bond.  They’ve got a lot of information on these tapes.  I can’t speak for what reason those guys have not sat down and played ‘em or gotten the information out to everybody.”

Actually, it sounds like Moore just did a very good job of explaining why they haven’t released the tapes.  Bond and Bell want to get paid.  Hmmm.  That kinda puts Bond and Bell in the same “pay me” ballpark as Cecil Newton.

Question Two: How did Tennessee go from making a $150,000 offer — according to Moore yesterday — to making a $200,000 offer — according to Moore today?

“Cecil went out there, put these offers out, and said, ‘I had an offer from Tennessee for a $150,000, then he actually went up — and I didn’t get to expand on that yesterday — but he went back to them and he said, ‘I’ve got an offer from Tennessee for $200,000, but we’ll go to Mississippi State for $180,000.’”

Another question: How does Moore know that Cam was in the room on an audio tape?

“They’ve got tapes that exist that have Cam Newton in the room with his dad talking about these deals.  You have got him present in the room while his dad’s on the phone trying to shop his son around.”

I’m sure we’ll have more on this as Moore continues his radio tour drumming up interest for his buddy’s tapes.  And it probably won’t be too long before we learn someone else has a tape or two also.

Oh, boy.  Can’t wait.

But if you’re wondering why we at so often point to the fact that this league is in danger of destroying itself through boosters attacking rival schools… we give you Exhibit A.



I meant to add - but who knows with Kiffin. I don't know what TN booster would have given Kiffin money for a player, though.


John, 2 insiders at UT say that when Cam came on unofficial visit, they asked him to draw up a couple of plays from a drop-back style & he couldn't do it. They say the coaches felt he couldn't run a drop-back fairly sophisticated offense so they didn't offer & went toward Simms instead. I don't believe Cecil if he even said it. Bargaining position maybe.


I've lived in Hunstville for the past six years and listen to sports radio almost everyday.......I've never heard of Scott Moore.


John please don't take that personally I just didn't think the connection to Alabama was strong enough to merit putting it in those terms(also i dont put you in their catergory if anything your anti those guys). If however as you would say someone can prove Tide fans or Alumni had anything to do with throwing Auburn and Tennessee under the bus then that's a big story as well. Remember how it turned out for Fulmer in the secret witness situation vs Alabama and I'm sure some fans of the Tide would be MORE than happy to return the favor and as for Auburn well that's too easy to understand the reasoning behind it. The last thing the volatile state needs at this time is anyone saying Alabama is involved with the possible downfall of Auburn, unless their is 100 percent truth to it. As always I respect what you do and the manner in which you do it.


I definitely appreciate your reporting on this subject because like it or not it is news. Saying that I do feel that this will and has been kept quiet because of A) The money involved in paying for a player, and we aren't talking 200k I think we all would agree you would have to spread double that around in hush money alone not to mention funneling it to the player in the first place. B) The SEC NCAA both know this is a part of it and do not want to expose 3 SEC schools at the same time and chance ruining their cash cow and this will continue until like John pointed out somebody puts up or shuts up. I also want to mention Its not exactly fair to throw out an accusation that a former Tide player is the catalyst behind this Its a major story and any other school not involved, would be involved in getting this out in the open. I do admit that Tide fans definitely would be more diligent in uncovering these tapes and expose them for obvious reasons. At the current time the Scarbinsky's and Finebaum's in the world do a GREAT job stirring the pot in the state of Alabama.



The only reason I mentioned that aspect was the fact that the co-host is a former player. People in the media move around from time to time and I don't think media people necessarily cater to their local fans (many do, unfortunately). However, when a former player (for any school) in involved in a story -- even tangentially as is the case here -- I think it's worth mentioning. It's hard for a former player to separate himself from his school.

But your point is well taken.

Many thanks for reading (and writing),

Dan D
Dan D

This stuff makes me appreciate what we have in Mark Richt, records over the last few years-be-damned.



I fear overzealous boosters will absolutely pull the roof down on the league's head. It happened in the SWC. It could happen in the SEC, too.

Thanks for reading,


being an Auburn student I love coming to this site more than most other sites SEC-related. it seems within the last few months all he** is going to break loose on Auburn for the Cam situation, and for recruiting in places not in Alabama. If the NCAA is investigating recruiting in Arkansas they most likely wont find anything except for Malzahn is from Arkansas and that he knew several of our high recruits from an early age. As for the Newton part of this article, I love a UA affiliate making accusations against Auburn....again. But I've been saying this a lot lately that if media members keep for backing one school keep digging on another school they're probably going to open a can of worms on several schools and eventually bring the whole league down.


LOL malzahn is part of the new hampshire coaching mafia, he was in arkansas for a relatively short time, and would not have known the recruits there "from an early age". they are investigating recruiting practices in ar and la for pulling kids from areas that are notorious for being instate pipelines.


what? malzahn was from arkansas! he coached a high school program for several years there! he pulls guys like dyer and frazier because he's had coaching clinics for a very long time there and he knew multiple recruits from the years he did it. as for the louisiana mess if you read most of the info that's out there its because the coach cried foul (because he was an ex-lsu coach and he coached trovon and greg in high school). And if you read the latest on it that coach has even come out to say that it was the media making a big deal out of something that was not there. A lot of people are trying to light fires for entirely no reason and very few journalists covering the SEC write with facts anymore, and people then believe it


  1. [...] Radio host Scott Moore of WZZN-FM 97.7 in Huntsville, Alabama will be making the rounds today.  That’s because yesterday he revealed that he has heard Kenny Rogers’ audio tapes regarding Cam Newton’s recruitment.“There are tapes.  There is some very incriminating, damning things on those tapes.”Moore also said there are text messages that Rogers has kept that also shine a bad light on two programs in particular — Auburn and Tennessee.“The bottom line is these numbers that we keep hearing about — this $150,000 offer from Tennessee, this $180,000 from Auburn — those came from Cecil Newton (to Rogers on the tapes).  They didn’t come from Auburn or Tennessee, they came from Cecil Newton.  He’s the one that said these offers were made to him.”Moore said that he never heard anything on the tapes “that would implicate Mississippi State.”“What I’ve heard is offers… (Newton) saying on these tapes that these offers were from Tennessee for $150,000 and a $180,000 offer from Auburn.  I heard him say that, I’ve seen the text messages.  And they exist, that’s the bottom line.”Interestingly, Moore said there are “several tapes” from “several different people.”First things first, once again, we’re hearing someone talk about the tapes and not the tapes themselves.  Is Moore going to make this up?  You certainly wouldn’t think so.Second, we have to wonder if the tapes are real.  It’s hard to imagine why Kenny Rogers would manufacture false tapes unless he plans to sell them off at some point in the future.  It’s unlikely he would go to such lengths, but I saw a recent, poorly done documentary claiming the whole 1960′s “Paul is dead” ruse was real… just the other night.  There are nuts out there who will go pretty far to make a buck.  But the odds that Rogers (and others) faked phone calls and text messages?  Tinier than tiny.Third, until we hear the tapes and see the messages, we have to wonder if Newton is simply talking big.  Just because he said it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.As Moore says: “You get back to Cecil Newton coming to these guys in Mississippi and saying, “Hey, I got an offer from Tennessee for $150,000… I have an offer from Auburn for $180,000… Hey, Mississippi State, what are you gonna do?’”It’s certainly possible Newton was trying to drive up a price from Mississippi State, the school his son wanted to attend in the first place.But that’s enough of the “possible explanation” stuff.  If Moore is correct, this sounds awfully damning for Auburn and Tennessee.Which is why one has to wonder just how much the NCAA has talked to — or attempted to talk to — Rogers.  The NCAA has been looking into Auburn but has yet to send a formal letter of inquiry announcing an investigation.  (There’s usually preliminary digging before the investigation is made official, but still, the NCAA hasn’t found/heard enough yet to dive in with both feet.)  The NCAA also just wrapped an investigation into Tennessee and Lane Kiffin.  Judging by the accusations they’ve shipped off to LA, it’s clear that the NCAA would love to get their hands around Kiffin’s neck.  If they had access to or knowledge of credible information showing that Kiffin made a $150,000 offer to the Newtons, it’s quite likely UT’s letter of allegations would have been considerably more brutal.UPDATE – One more quote from Moore in summary:“(Newton) went to Mississippi State and said, ‘Hey, what can you guys do for us?’  I mean that’s a fact.  That’s what he did.  And you know Mississippi State came back and said, ‘Listen, we’re not gonna do anything for you, but if you go to Auburn, we’re gonna turn you in.’  And that’s what happened.”ANOTHER UPDATE TO THE STORY HERE. [...]

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  3. [...] Example #2 would be that John Bond has come from hiding again giving everyone a little “taste” of the tapes that he has in regards to Cecil Newton’s meetings with Mississippi St. Now, we’re hearing a middle man claiming to hear the tapes and now says Cam was present when Cecil was pimping him. [...]

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