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Mallett To Drop From First Round?

Arkansas fans hoping to see their star quarterback get taken in the first round of the NFL draft might want to sit down.  The draft stock of Ryan Mallett is falling.

A number of reports from NFL beat guys claim that Mallett will drop all the way out of the opening round due to “off-field issues.”  Now, his only publicized off-field issue was a public intoxication arrest back in 2009, but something’s working against the ex-Razorback.’s Adam Caplan even wrote yesterday on Twitter that it wouldn’t shock him “to see Mallett fall to the third (round).”  Caplan said “baggage, and not the kind you carry” would work against Mallett.

“Baggage” and “off-field issues” are usually code words — in NFL draft chatter — for drug issues of some sort.  If a player’s intelligence is questioned, seldom are punches pulled.  But no one wants to accuse a kid of being involved in the drug culture without hard evidence for fear of being sued. 

Now maybe Mallett’s “baggage” is something else entirely.  Maybe he’s knocked over a string of banks.  Maybe he’s just not a film room junkie.  But when we see “baggage” and “off-field issues” tied to a draft prospect, our first thoughts go to a certain green, leafy plant.  (One site has gone so far as to tie Mallett to marijuana and cocaine.)

Whatever the reason, the scuttlebutt in league circles suggests Mallett’s stock is tumbling.



I won't speculate about any drug issues as there has been zero implication or proof to warrant such. However, his mental/emotional steadiness has seemed to slip out of his control in certain stressful on-field situations. He has always been touted as a big arm. But accuracy is required to make that big arm worth a hoot.

He's been scrambled out of his comfort zone on numerous occasions, and his accuracy has flagged when vigorously pursued. Throwing the ball away, and having the mental focus to when to do so, is better than trying to laser it into three-man coverage and hoping for the best.


Let's see, Obama smoked pot, Bush smoked pot, at least 3 Supreme Court judges smoked pot, over 20 million Americans smoke pot regularly and another 30 million do it occasionally, and over half of Americans have tried it. It has far more medical uses (treatment for PTSD , sleep disorders, migrain and sinus headaches and numerous other types of pain, with out the side effects and addictions of pharmaceutical drugs like Ambien, antidepressents, etc.) and is no more a "gateway drug" alcoholic beverages. It's time to quit spending billions a year fighting it's use and put the saved billions into retiring all the Social Security fund IOUs.


Not a big surprise i mean look at the guy he is a thug wanna be you can tell. i dont know if he did or did not do what they are saying but it is believable because of the way he carries him self......i mean would anyone believe that about Andrew Luck? i didnt think so because look at Andrew he does not look the not a big A. Luck fan i like both guys wish them the best all i am saying is you look the part man maybe you ought to do something or act different.


The proof is????

The sources are????

Remember these "journalists" names a few years from now when Mallet starts shredding secondaries.


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