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Clowney Opens Up For, Exposes Recruiting Process’s Thayer Evans — the man Auburn fans despise — has posted a behind-closed-doors account of the final weeks of Jadeveon Clowney’s recruitment.  If you’re like me and you think the recruiting process is pretty slimy to begin with, then this article will only reinforce those opinions.

One interesting note from the piece: Clowney has admitted to having a learning disability, which might explain why he’s yet to qualify academically.

Among the other tidbits exposed in the article:

* Clowney bonded early with South Carolina’s Ellis Johnson, the Cocks’ top defensive coach. 

* After Carolina’s 41-20 loss to Arkansas late in the season, former high school teammate Stephon Gilmore and several other Gamecock players took Clowney “out to a party” until 1am.  “It’s wild in college,” Clowney told FoxSports.  “Girls be all on you.  They love football players up there.  I was smiling and laughing about everything.”

(Bet a lot of girls’ dads love reading that.)

* Alabama assistant coach Mike Rumph told Clowney the reason he moved from Clemson to Bama this offseason was: “They can’t win there.  We’re going to win here.  I couldn’t promise you that at Clemson, but I can promise you that here.” 

(Bet Dabo Swinney loves reading that.)

* Clowney was not wowed by Nick Saban.  At all.  “I don’t see no big deal like everybody else.  They’d say, ‘He’s the king of all of football.’  The guy ain’t nothing but 5-5.  He’s a short guy.  Everybody’s going crazy on Nick Saban.” 

There’s more.  “Nick Saban’s going to take over and talk (in a recruiting visit).  He talked the whole time he was there.  I was dozing off.  He can talk.  A lot.  He talked for a whole straight hour.”

(Bet Saban and Alabama fans love reading that.)

* Clowney got the coed treatment when he visited Alabama, too.  “They were all over us,” he said of his trip with some players to a Tucaloosa restaurant.  “We were new faces, I guess.  They was lovin’ us.  We just had a ball that night.”  Clowney was out until 2:30am.

* Clowney didn’t think Bama’s 3-4 scheme fit his game.

* On his decision to delay his announcement.  “I want to make people wait.  The longer I make them wait, I see who really wants me to come there.”

* Clowney’s mother said that Swinney looked here in the eye when talking to her.  “I don’t recall the other two (Saban and Steve Spurrier) doing that.  They talked good, too, about their school and their program.  I just seems more sincere from Dabo.”

* Clemson girls were all over Clowney as well.  “All the girls came up to me” on his visit.  “They would do anything just to get me down there.  I was laughing, but I didn’t really mess with anybody.” 

* The Alabama coeds were the best, according to the nation’s top prospect.  “They’re just my type.”

* Clemson briefly took the lead over Carolina right around signing day.  Clowney’s mother also felt that there was too much for her son “to get into” in Columbia.

* Spurrier left a message for Clowney on signing day.  The player imitated the message for Evans.  “Ja-DAVE-ian, come on, man, come to South Carolina.  We need you.  We need you bad.”

* Former Auburn quarterback Dameyune Craig — now an assistant at Florida State — tried to make a late push.  “I don’t know if you’re going to come down here to see us or if you’re coming down for the girls, because we got ‘em,” Clowney said Craig told him.  Of Craig, he said: “He’s a black guy, brother, so he know what’s going on and everything.  He a cool dude.  He kept it real with me.”

* Now that he’s going to Carolina, Clowney’s mom wants to make sure he keeps his nose clean.  “I really like Clemson,” Josenna Clowney said.  “I think that’s the best place for him.  I’m not disappointed he’s going to South Carolina.  I need to make sure he knows that there’s a lot of stuff to get into and he don’t need to be down there fooling around.”

Really?  It sounds like “fooling around” was lure Numero Uno during the recruiting process. 

A lot of daddies must be very proud.


CU Fan
CU Fan

Yeah, it's common knowledge all police officers in Columbia are Clemson fans and we all know what that means. I believe we (Clemson) should have all rights to Clowney. Maybe Dabo should have danced with Clowney's mama like Steve Spurrier did with Lattimore's. If we can't have him, nobody should be able to have him. Didn't he know we won the national championship way back in 1981? I'm disgusted with the whole process. That's all I have to say about that.

Price Howard
Price Howard

I've talked with a couple of his teamates Scott Campbell & Randy Hughes (Clemson fan & Alabama fan) and they believe he'll fall victime to Five Points down in Columbia like all the rest of that bunch. They're probably right.


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