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Win The Turnover Battle, Win An SEC Game

Some of you out there just skim the first couple of stories on our page and move along.  We know that and we’re good with it.  You’re the folks who come back several times a day… and that pleases us.

But on the off chance some of you might have missed our post about turnovers yesterday, we wanted to draw your attention to it.

We went back through all 49 of this year’s SEC games (conference team versus conference team) and studied the turnover margins.  What we found was really surprising.  Not because turnovers played a role in winning SEC games… but because turnovers played such a huge role in winning SEC games.

49 conference games in 2010
12 times both teams had the same amount of turnovers
37 times one team won the turnover battle
In those 37 games, the team that won the turnover margin won 32 times.

That’s a 32-5 record in SEC games in 2010 for the teams that won the turnover battle.

Amazed, we did the math on the past four seasons’ worth of turnovers to see if fumbles and interceptions were always so important.  Answer: Pretty much.

You can check the full post right here. 
And if I were you I’d print it out and keep it beside my television next year.  When you’re watching Hometown U in 2011 you’ll be able to calculate how much your team’s chances of winning just dwindled with each offensive giveaway.


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