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UK’s Cobb Turns Pro Early

Kentucky’s Mr. Everything is taking his skills to the next level.  Receiver/returner/quarterback Randall Cobb announced today that he will leave Lexington and head to the NFL a year early.

One draft analyst told The Lexington Herald-Leader that Cobb could “be as high as a late-second- or third-round pick because of his multiple talents.” 

Late second- or third-round is nice, but it’s not “leave school early” nice.  But Cobb has a history of noticing the lack of fan support for UK’s football team and it’s likely he didn’t feel like going through what looks to be another mediocre year with in a stadium that filled with people who are thinking about basketball.

But without Cobb — and departing senior Derrick Locke — Joker Phillips will be losing two of his best offensive and special teams weapons.  Mediocre in 2011 might actually be a high-end estimate.

Cobb led the SEC with 79 catches for 955 yards and 7 touchdowns this past fall.  He set a league record with 2,396 all-purpose yards in 2010.  he scored a total of 16 touchdowns four different ways.



For some reason reading the comments on, UK fans believe that Cobb is making a bad decision? I have no clue where their logic is coming from. Cobb as you have noted is simply getting out of there while is stock is higher than it probably will be after another season at UK. This makes perfect sense. Some Kentucky fans are delusional about their program and some including a friend of mine who is a UK grad have given up again. How do you explain his lack of touches at crucial parts of the season year in and year out? If I was Joker, Cobb would have been my QB the whole second half of the bowl game at least running plays out of the wildcat. Some of the offensive decisions at UK this season were downright offensive to Cobb and Locke and Locke let some people know about it after the game (he complained about not getting the ball to the media).


what do you mean Lack of support , he complained about booing , it not like any other school in the SEC boos theirTeam. He made two tweets about booing and you turned into" kentucky doesnt support Football" typical BS



Cobb complained about booing and his team being told they suck during a game. He complained on Twitter about it -- which made national news -- and he had to apologize for it and his coach had to talk about it. He also made news when he told everyone that he walked out of a Red Lobster because someone asked when UK would start stinking again. And then others took note of the fact that UK's senior day festivities were done in front of about 20,000 fan. Judging from Cobb's earlier reactions, you can bet he noticed that, too.

I stand by what I wrote. And I've said as much on UK play-by-play man Tom Leach's radio show when these events occurred. Interestingly, he didn't feel the need to do any correcting. Perhaps that's because he's an honest observer, rather than someone who believes people are writing "typical BS" about the Cats.

If you don't like people suggesting UK fans don't support football, then go back and read Cobb's tweets and respond to him.

Until then, don't shoot the messenger.


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