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UK Fans Spew Venom At NY Times Writer

It seems Tennessee fans aren’t the only ones making news in connection with “hate” today.  According to John Clay of The Lexington Herald-Leader, some Kentucky fans went over the line in their reaction to the NCAA’s final ruling in the Enes Kanter case. 

For those who haven’t heard, the European big man was ruled permanently ineligible on Friday.  So he won’t be joining UK’s 2011 title chase.

Pete Thamel of The New York Times has been covering the story from the beginning and several Cat fans took to Twitter this weekend to let him know they blame him for Kanter’s ineligibility.

“I hope your children are born paralyzed and they have to slither around like snakes in the grass like their (expletive) daddy.”

Nice.  And here’s what another Troglodye wrote:

“Congrats on Kanter, scumbag!  Hope you don’t step in front of a taxi.”

When’s Jeff Goodman called on UK fans to stop their Twitter attack on Thamel, he too was blasted by angry Big Blue backers.

Clay — like most people today — has the shooting in Arizona on his mind.  Some would rather just say, “lone nut” and move along, but Clay believes it’s time to check our online vitriol.

We at agree.  When a kook goes from ranting on the internet to shooting innocent people, there’s nothing wrong with asking, “What motivated the kook to go from A to B?”

Especially when so many people these days are ranting on the internet.  Over politics, over religion, and over sports.

For most people, it’s a huge leap from anonymous threat-maker to effigy-shooter to actual violent criminal.  But not for all.  As the deranged son of a bitch in Arizona showed us this weekend, some nuts go from YouTube quack to murderer with ease. 

With that in mind, it’s time we start paying more attention to the vile garbage being tossed around over basketball losses and departing football coaches.  It’s also time for all of us to tone the junk down.

As Clay writes, “It’s just a game, folks.  A game.”



That's the smartest thing Mr. SEC has said in weeks.


john clay said it. not that idiot john pennington. he just list headlines from articles from the SEC.

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