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Sex Sells – Or Doesn’t – At MSU

On January 19, 2010 we told you about a Mississippi State recruiting trip that ended with a visit to “The Pony,” a Starkville-area strip club.  That excursion made national news and embarrassed quite a few folks at State.

Now on January 17, 2011 a Mississippi State cheerleader — apparently — is making news with her own appearance in Playboy. has more on the story here.  (The link is not safe for work… depending, of course, on where you work.)

The site reports that the cheerleader in question might or might not have been booted from the MSU cheer squad because of her appearance in the men’s mag.

I wouldn’t worry about her.  Off the squad or not it looks like she’s got some big things in front of her.  (Sorry.  Juvenile, I know.)



If all cheerleaders looked like this instead of a bunch of underdeveloped little gymnast, people would pay a lot more attention to cheerleaders at the games.


What's her number?


Mississippi States' program really is on the upswing!


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