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BCS Champs From The SEC: Who’ll Be Number Six?

Since 1998, the Southeastern Conference has had five different schools win BCS titles: Tennessee (’98), LSU (’03, ’07), Florida (’06, ’08), Alabama (’09) and Auburn (’10).  No other league — as we showed yesterday — can come close to that kind of depth over such a short period of time.

But doing a syndicated radio show yesterday, I was asked by Nashville host Thom Abraham who the SEC’s sixth national titlist would be.  Good question.

If we take the five previous winners out of the mix, that leaves us the following choices:

Mississippi State
Ole Miss
South Carolina

No offense to the schools that are about to be whacked, but history alone says that five of those schools stand little chance of winning a BCS crown in the near future — Kentucky, MSU, Ole Miss, Carolina and Vandy.

So who’s closer to a national crown: Arkansas or Georgia?  Depends on the time frame we’re discussing.

If the question is which school appears closer to winning a BCS crown next year, the answer is Arkansas.  The Razorbacks will have to replace Ryan Mallett, but Bobby Petrino has shown that he can get blood from a turnip when it comes to quarterback play.  The Hogs’ offense should be fine.  And if the Razorbacks can continue to improve on defense, Arkansas could make a surprise run in 2011.

But if the question is simply which school has the best chance of becoming the league’s sixth BCS champ — and no time period is assigned — the answer is Georgia.

The Bulldogs finished the 2007 season ranked #2 in the nation.  They began the 2008 season ranked #1.  Mark Richt is on the hot seat now, but over the past 10 years he’s piled up 96 wins and recorded three seasons of two or fewer losses. 

Georgia also won a crown as recently as 1980.  Arkansas’ only national title came in 1964.

But the edge really goes to Georgia when it comes to recruiting.  Whether Richt or someone else is steering the Bulldogs’ ship as we reach the middle of the next decade, the recruiting base will remain the same — deep and rich.

Since 1988, the state of Georgia has produced 306 high schoolers who’ve gone on to be drafted into the NFL.  That’s fourth nationally behind California, Texas and Florida.  Arkansas, on the other hand, has produced just 58 NFL draft picks over that time frame.

The history, the finances, the facilities, and the recruiting base all favor Georgia.  So when a sixth SEC squad captures a BCS championship… it’s most likely be Georgia.

(Sidenote — The photo of Tricia Helfer as “Number Six” is a gift to all the sports/sci-fi geeks out there who watched “Battlestar Gallactica.”  And she’s wearing Georgia red, too.)



Roll Tide Baby. SEC East sucks!


The SEC is clearly one of the most dominate conferences in college football right now. But to argue that is just plain dumb. Though I will say that is due to the NCAA - National Corrupt Athletic Association. We all know our conference is famous for the paperbag stuffed with cash. God bless capitalism.


Who will be number Six you ask? I guess that depends on what criminals the SEC can get the NCAA to look the other way on so that both can make a fat payday. Is Scam Newton good? Absolutely. No question. Should he have been allowed to play... NO. NCAA rules state that a student-athlete is ineligible with or without the student's knowledge of a pay to play scheme in the parents of a student-athlete. Oops. Looks like money, not rules, win again. I think Cam Newton is incredible athlete who got very lucky to play this game. He is lucky that greed hounds who run the game care more about their wallets then they do what is right. And no... I am no fan the Ducks. But I am tired of the Southeastern Thug Conference. Sad thing is they may win games but couldn't add to numbers together the help of a calculator.


Arkansas has a kid already in place to step into the job. Mallett went out of the Auburn game and the back up kid came in with no loss of production, at least for awhile. The Hogs look like the next best bet to the usual suspects to go for it all nest year.


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