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Back In The Spotlight: Nutt Recruiting Singleton Despite Recent Legal Issues

Hear ye, hear ye!  The Court of Public Opinion is now in session.

Ole Miss commitment Tobias Singleton is still being recruiting by Houston Nutt despite the fact that he has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and felony malicious mischief after allegedly punching his former girlfriend and then joining with other members of his family to damage her mother’s car.

According to The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Singleton was also charged with simple assault following the December arrest.

The 18-year-old receiver allegedly punched his 16-year-old former girlfriend on December 13th.  The police report says that he, his father and his two brothers also kicked a Chevy Impala owned by the girl’s mother to the tune of $3,321.18 in damages.

That’s a lot of kicking.  But at least the kid is benefiting from a tight family unit.

Singleton — who is also known as Tobias Manning — told police that his former girlfriend had struck his car with her car.  Read The JCL’s story for the details of the case.

The player told the paper via text message:

 ”It’s not TRUE.  My attorney advises me no comment.”

Meanwhile, Nutt has told the paper via text that he is still recruiting Singleton.

When this story makes national news — as it inevitably will — then we’ll see if the UM administration is ready to stand behind Nutt once again as he brings in a player with a rap sheet.  Two years ago, Nutt brought in Jamar Hornsby (Mr. I-Stole-A-Dead-Girl’s-Credit-Card) only to see him land in further legal trouble before he ever donned a Rebel uniform.  Last year, the school got a lot of bad publicity for bringing in Jeremiah Masoli who had previously been dismissed from Oregon’s football team.

Perhaps Singleton is completely innocent of all charges.  Or perhaps Nutt believes the young man has turned over some sort of new leaf.  Either way, we’ll have to wait and see if AD Pete Boone and chancellor Daniel Jones want to live in the spotlight once again… or cut bait.




No one said the young man was guilty in the original story. What was reported was that Houston Nutt is once again going to be in the news because a person he is recruiting is facing or has faced legal troubles. That's a fact. No need to wait on the verdict. And the University will have to take a stand behind this young man... or cut bait.



Geez, guilty until proven innocent.....if you are a HDN recruit. I will look for your apology to TS and Coach Nutt when this case is dismissed.


Figures, Houston nutt is going the way of Jackie Sherill. Give him a couple more years and he's gone.


God forbid you wait until the facts come out before you can quickly write your article about Houston Nutt recruiting bad kids. I can go to the police station and file a report about you and have you arrested today, would that make you guilty. Slow news day? SLOW the F--- Down big boy.


When it becomes such a reoccurring event it's not that huge of a leap to assume that once again the right reverend has recruited another alleged/guilty felon. Why don't you have more of a problem with the possibility that one of your recruits hit a 16 year old girl than you do with someone merely reporting a piece of news? Reporters and writers aren't making HDN look bad...HDN is making HDN look bad.



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