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Miles Not As Hot A Candidate At Michigan These Days

Even before Michigan axed Rich Rodriguez yesterday, there was speculation that Les Miles might be the next man to take over in Ann Arbor.

But Miles doesn’t seem to be as sexy a pick for Michigan fans now as he was in 2007.  No wonder.  In ’07, Miles was on his way to a BCS Championship.  But in 2008-09 he mustered just a 17-9 which was poor enough to rile up many Tiger fans.  Also, for each brilliant fake kick or great fourth-down call, Miles has had more than his share of late game meltdowns — at Ole Miss last year, almost against Tennessee this year.  Yes, he has rebounded with a “damn strong” 10-2 season in 2010, but he’s just not the draw he was three years ago.

Jim Harbaugh was Michigan’s first choice to succeed Rodriguez.  But Harbaugh supposedly turned down a $5.2 million offer because he’d prefer to coach in the NFL if he leaves Stanford.

Miles may not even be the Wolverines’ second choice.  San Diego State’s Brady Hoke — another former UM assistant coach — wants the job.  Many speculate that he will actually be the man in charge when the smoke settles.

But Hoke is 13-12 in two seasons at San Diego State.  Miles is 61-17 with a BCS title at Baton Rouge.  How could Hoke possibly land the gig over Miles? 


Hoke will be 53 in 2011.  Miles will be 58.  That’s five years closer to retirement age — unless you’re Joe Paterno — and five years closer to having to go through the hiring process again.

Even (which is the Rivals site for Michigan) makes mention of Miles’ age:

“There’s still a faction in Ann Arbor that’s not crazy about the hire (of Miles), and he’s not old (58), but older than he was three years ago.  He’s won in the SEC, but LSU fans… well, aren’t fans of Miles, for the most part.  His in-game management has been questioned, and ESPN questioned his recruiting practices in a recent ‘Outside the Lines’ segment.”

(For the record, also reports that Miles wanted the Michigan job “badly” the last time around “but didn’t get a sniff” due to some bad relationships in Ann Arbor.  But — the Rivals site for LSU — claims that Miles was “ready to remain at LSU” even if Michigan had offered.  Funny how the story changes depending on the writer’s location.)

Whether Michigan chases Miles this time around remains to be seen.  Ditto whether Miles will leave a great recruiting base for his struggling alma mater if it does come calling.

But what is plain to see is this — Miles just isn’t as sexy a candidate in 2010 as he was in 2007.



Michigan isn't as sexy as she used to be, ten years ago.


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