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VU Update: No Update

Anybody else notice that no one is saying anything new on the James Franklin-to-Vanderbilt front?

I just got off the phone with a source in Nashville who said vice chancellor David Williams and the rest of the Commodore brass have gone stone silent as a result of this weekend’s Gus Malzahn implosion.

For that reason, The Washington Post remains the only outlet to suggest that Franklin is currently working on contract details with Vandy.

A number of Vanderbilt and Maryland backers are saying that The Post has been wrong on this story once before, so why pay attention to them now?  But the paper was only a sorta/kinda wrong on its “Malzahn’s the guy” story from last weekend.

Here’s what we mean by that:  The Post was told by a source close to Franklin — perhaps Franklin himself — that he was no longer in the running for the Vanderbilt job.  And despite what Williams has said, half of Nashville knew full well that Vandy had placed an offer on the table for Malzahn.  Franklin (and/or the source close to him) knew that, too.

So The Post got word that Malzahn was the top candidate and that Franklin was pulling out of the search… it added 2 plus 2… but the numbers didn’t add up to 4 because Malzahn backed away from the negotiating table.  And to be fair, Williams sounded just as surprised by that — “I don’t know where they stand” — as The Post’s reporter must have been.

Maybe Franklin (or a source close to him) has a hard time getting a read on where the coach really stands in Vandy’s search which might explain why he (or a source close to him) continues to give “I’m in” and “I’m out” signals to The Post.

Point: The Post wasn’t completely wrong on its Malzahn’s gonna get the job report.  The Post seems to be sharing info straight from the Franklin camp. 

And at this point it sounds like Franklin (or a source close to him) believes he’s going to get the Vanderbilt job.



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