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NCAA Prez Wants To Change Rules To Prevent Future Newton Rulings

We’ll start with Cam Newton this morning… and hopefully be done with him from an off-field sense for the day.

After the NCAA ruled on Newton Wednesday, this site (and nearly everyone else on earth) said that the NCAA had created a pretty large loophole in its own rulebook with its decision.

There were a few writers out there — misguided it seems — who disagreed.  Some went so far as to say that those of us talking about loopholes, precedents and slippery slopes were only trying to scare Auburn fans.  Some Auburn fans, naturally, suggested that we were just being anti-Auburn.

Well, as we noted yesterday, none other than Mike Slive himself admitted that a loophole was created by allowing someone to go unpunished even though his father had solicited money from a school’s boosters/coaches.

And now you can add NCAA president Mark Emmert to that chorus as well.

“We recognize that many people are outraged at the notion that a parent or anyone else could ‘shop around’ a student-athlete and there would possibly not be repercussions on the student-athlete’s eligibility,” the new president said on the NCAA’s website.

He also said that the NCAA is committed to “further clarifying and strengthening our recruiting and amateurism rules so they promote appropriate behavior by students, parents, coaches and third parties.”

Finally, Emmert said that the NCAA will “work aggressively with our members to amend our bylaws so that this type of behavior is not a part of intercollegiate athletics.”

Hmmm.  So I guess 99.5% of the world was right on this one… while Auburn fans — excuse me, some Auburn fans — simply took their guy’s side (and took aim on anyone questioning the NCAA’s ruling). 

And then there were those columnists and writers who were among that .5% of the world that was wrong.  Ah, we all burn the biscuits now and again.

Slive.  Emmert.  SEC.  NCAA. 

All now admit a loophole was created with the Newton ruling.  All say they have to work quickly to close it.

With that, we close the case on this “argument.”

Other notes:

* I want to make it clear that no one here at MrSEC is “outraged” by the NCAA’s ruling on Newton.  A loophole was created and Newton was given a benefit of the doubt that previous student-athletes have not been given.  That’s odd.  It’s our job to point that out.  But we’re glad he is eligible to play tomorrow — as he’s the most entertaining player in college football — and if Auburn defeats South Carolina we’ll be excited to watch an Auburn-Oregon shoot-em-up featuring Newton behind center. 

* George Lawson, the attorney for the Newton family, told WSB-TV in Atlanta that “Cam’s father participated in the investigation truthfully and honestly in terms of what he knew and what he didn’t know, regardless of the consequences.”  He also said that he “would hope” the investigation is over, “but if it is not at an end, Cam and his family will continue to participate.”  So please stop emailing me notes saying that this was all Kenny Rogers and that there’s no proof Cecil Newton did anything wrong.  Cecil Newton met with the NCAA.  The NCAA said he was in on asking for cash.  He and his lawyer aren’t arguing that point.  For a reader (fan) to argue what Newton is not is simply childish and closed-minded.

* We still believe a simple one-game retroactive suspension (and forfeiture of the Arkansas State game) would have penalized the Newton family fairly and would have allowed Auburn to still compete for the SEC and BCS titles.

Finis.  (Hopefully.)



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