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Yet another testament to this year’s team

South Carolina
Content provided by Garnet And Black Attack.

As linked by Chris Low on, released a list of teams with the most personal fouls. Tops? Southern Miss, with 27. 

But more importantly to us, a supplementary list was provided that shows the number of personal fouls among BCS teams. Have a look:

How Teams in Current BCS Standings Rank

  • Oregon, 21
  • Auburn, 20
  • Florida State, 19
  • Oklahoma State, 19
  • Nebraska, 18
  • Michigan State, 17
  • Missouri, 17
  • Texas A&M, 17
  • Boise State, 16
  • Oklahoma, 15
  • Arkansas, 14
  • Miami, 14
  • LSU, 12
  • Mississippi State, 12
  • Virginia Tech, 12
  • Alabama, 11
  • Nevada, 11
  • Ohio State, 11
  • Arizona, 10
  • Stanford, 10
  • TCU, 10
  • Wisconsin, 10
  • Utah, 9
  • Iowa, 6
  • South Carolina, 5 goes on to point out that 4 is the least amount any team has committed. One of the most infuriating things is seeing a first down or defensive stop wiped out by a late hit or some other needless PF penalty. But it hasn’t been a problem for our squad. It’s a testament to our coaching and to the intelligence and maturity of our players.

Anyone care to play devil’s advocate? Granted, overall there seems to be a vague inverse relationship between position in BCS top 25 rankings and PFs committed, but it could be coincidental.

At any rate, stupid penalties are absolutely crippling, and we’re doing a good job of ignoring them. Our boys should be lauded for that.


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