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Week 10 SEC Picks

Ole Miss
Content provided by The Ole Miss Blog – It’s not the official Ole Miss blog, but it should be.

Thank goodness for Alabama-LSU. The rest of this week’s SEC games are a snore. Forgive me, but I just can’t get excited about watching Arkansas and South Carolina duke it out for third place in the conference. What to watch for: Ole Miss on SportsCenter Saturday night. If that happens, it’s been another really bad day. For those of you keeping score, Jake leads Ken 2-1 after Jake stayed out of Ken’s fantasy world and picked Auburn to beat the Rebels last week.

Louisiana-Lafayette at Ole Miss

Jake Says:  Ole Miss 42, Louisiana-Lafayette 24.

The Rebels will finally meet an opponent they can outscore.

Ken Says:  Ole Miss 52   Oooh La La  17

Ole Miss just needs to right the ship and get back on the patented Nutt November course.  This is the game to do it.

Alabama at LSU

Jake Says: Alabama 21, LSU 14

This will be fun to watch, but the outcome will never be in question. The most fun will be had listening to Les Miles attempt to speak in complete sentences during his pregame, halftime and post-game interviews.

Ken Says:  Alabama 17  LSU 10

LSU’s defense will keep this one close by shutting down, or slowing down, Bama rush attack.  I think LSU will get points off of good field position from turnovers or special teams play but it won’t be enough.  LSU will have the “want to” win the ball game but there at the end, the plays, and what they thought was happening, mostly, the right personnel and plays were designed to want to win but obviously you can’t clock it, needed to score the TD or kick the FG, whichever had the best opportunity to happen.

Arkansas at South Carolina

Jake Says: South Carolina 24, Arkansas 21.

Arkansas will be slowed by the loss of Childs.

Ken says:  Arkansas 27 South Carolina 21

South Carolina continues its trend of choking in important ball games.  They can still lose and win the East.  Which is why they will.

Florida at Vanderbilt

Jake Says: Florida 42, Vanderbilt 0.

The Commies will redefine ineptitude making Ole Miss’ September loss burn even hotter.

Ken Says:  Florida 37  Vandy 3

I agree Jake.  Regardless of how Ole Miss’s season plays out in the next 4 games, that game will be the difference in us not going to a bowl or possibly would have gotten us a much better bowl.  I think even Vandy will fire this coach.  One and Done.

Tennessee at Memphis

Jake Says: Tennessee 48, Memphis 0


Ken Says:  Tennessee 35  Memphis 14


Chattanooga at Auburn

Jake Says: Auburn 42, Chattanooga 0

Will Cam play?

Ken Says:  Auburn 58  Mocs 10

Conspiracy theory:  State breaks the news about Cam Newtons illegal recruitment the week AFTER Auburn plays the biggest home game at Ole Miss in 7 years.  We could have used the distraction.

Idaho State at Georgia

Jake Says: Georgia 42, Idaho State 0

(Yawn, stretch, yawn again)

Ken Says:  Georgia 48  Potatoes 7

(Scratch scratch, sneeze)

Charleston Southern at Kentucky

Jake Says: Kentucky 42, Charleston Southern 0

(Yawn, stretch, yawn, weird burping sound)

Ken Says:  Kentucky 37  Charles 14

(crack nuckles, pop neck, stretch, poot)


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