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Richt Says No Staff Changes Coming

There are people in the Georgia fanbase who want Mike Bobo’s head on a plate.  After all, UGA’s 6-6 record has to be the fault of the Dawgs’ offensive coordinator, right? 


Not according to Mark Richt.  Richt pointed out yesterday that the Bulldogs’ offense scored 30 or more points in seven consecutive games this year.  Read that.  Digest that.  That’s a Georgia record.  That’s better than Auburn and super-genius Gus Malzahn.  And last I checked, Georgia doesn’t have a Cam Newton to play with (not even at tight end).

“A lot of really good things happened offensively,” Richt told The Macon Telegraph.  “The bottom line is whoever is calling plays is going to get critiqued, going to get criticized.  It’s just the nature of the beast.”

Yes it is.  In Gainesville, Steve Addazio is Florida’s big problem.  In Alabama, Jim McElwain — who helped Bama win a national crown last year — is a dimwit.  Greg Davis at Texas has turned from a guru to a goober this season, too.

After yelling at officials and quarterbacks, football fans most often bark at offensive coordinators.  They just don’t like them.  They think they could do a better job than their school’s play-caller.  And that view leads some down a dangerous path.

For example… I like the folks at “Get The Picture,” a Georgia-centric blog.  I don’t know them, but I like their site, I should say.  But today they took umbrage — and I hate it when umbrage is taken — with Richt’s 30-plus-points defense of Bobo.

“Georgia dropped two of those seven games, including one to a Florida team which offense was borderline pathetic over the second half of the season.  Bobo’s responsibility isn’t simply to make sure his offense scores a bunch of points.  It’s to make sure that it scores more points than the other team does.”

Oh, my.  So if Georgia lost a game 100-99 it would be the offense’s fault for not scoring enough?

Georgia fans need to realize that the defense was the big problem in Athens in 2009.  That unit showed improvement in 2010, but it was still the Dawgs’ main concern.  The offense — once AJ Green returned — was very potent.

For that reason, it makes sense for Richt to keep Bobo in place.  But there’s another reason that it makes sense:

You don’t change coordinators when you’re heading into a make-or-break season.  The Dawgs might lose AJ Green to the pros this offseason.  That would hurt.  But changing the offensive coordinator and offensive assistants and trying to install and teach a new offense could be downright deadly.  (Ask Phillip Fulmer about his hire of Dave Clawson in 2008.)

Richt won’t get a pass for a bad season in 2011.  Therefore he can’t afford to start from scratch on the offensive side of the ball.

Like it or not, Richt plans to keep Bobo in place.  And that’s the right call for multiple reasons.



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