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Newton Saga: Lawyers Speak, No Wire Taps Tying Booster To Player

The attorney who said he represents “the Newton family and particularly Cam Newton” told WSB-TV in Atlanta today that the quarterback did not take any money during his recruitment.

“No money has been offered to Cam,” George Lawson said.  “Cam Newton hasn’t asked for money.  I don’t think there’s any question that Cam Newton knew nothing about any money discussions, if any discussions were had.”

That’s an interesting comment for an attorney who sort of represents Cecil Newton to make.  Note, he did not deny the possibility that discussions might have taken place.  More on this below.

Lawson said that both of Cam’s parents have met with NCAA investigators and “been truthful and candid with the NCAA and will continue to cooperate with the NCAA and will produce and answer any and all questions that the NCAA has for them.”

Lawson also said he knows “nothing” about the FBI’s investigation.  “I don’t even know if the FBI is investigating (Newton’s recruitment).  I’ve had the occasion to see probably the same thing that you saw on ESPN.  That’s all I know about it.”

The Newtons’ attorney also discussed the leak of Cam’s academic records to Thayer Evans of  “Cam Newton’s grades and academic standings at the University of Florida are protected matters.  And to the extent that the University of Florida has violated a federal statute, I have some understanding of what the University of Florida’s address is and at some appropriate time they’ll hear from me.”

When asked if there will be legal action against UF — what else would he mean by the above statement? — Lawson said, “I’m not suggesting what it will be, but the University of Florida will hear from me.  If the University of Floirda has disclosed unlawfully Cam’s personal and private records then I will be talking to the University of Florida about that.”

Lawson also said that the reports regarding Newton’s alleged cheating at UF were “not accurate.”  “He’s a very polished, he’s a very smart young man and at this point in his life he’s a very mature young man.  He’s much more mature than most 21-year-olds would be with all that he’s going through in his life.”

He added: “I am one million percent confident that Cam Newton took no money from no one.”

You can read more of the Q&A session with Lawson here.

As for discussions regarding money, the attorney for Kenny Rogers confirmed to The Jackson Clarion-Ledger today the pay-for-play plan for Newton.

“We are unequivocally saying that the entire thing was solicited by Cecil Newton and, unfortunately, (Rogers) stupidly became a rubber hose and passed it along.” Doug Zeit said.  “That’s what (Rogers) did.  (He) never asked for money, other than what Cecil Newton wanted and how he wanted it.”

Yesterday, former MSU player Bill Bell said that he received a text from Rogers outlining a three-tiered payment plan for the Newton family.  Zeit said, “(Rogers) said that’s what (Cecil) Newton wanted me to send and that’s what I sent.”

Zeit also confirmed that three-way phone calls between Rogers, Bell and the elder Newton did take place just as Bell has said.  In his words, there were “not even a handful (of calls)… a couple.”

On another front, those messageboard rumors suggesting Auburn booster and recently-arrested casino-owner Milton McGregor was dragged into the Newton mess through wiretaps are apparently false.  (Shocking.)

According to “multiple sources familiar with the statehouse reports,” The Birmingham News reported today that “wiretaps made as part of the recent federal investigation into vote-buying in the Alabama Legislature contain no conversations that connect Victoryland owner Milton McGregor to quarterback Cam Newton’s recruitment to Auburn.” reported yesterday that FBI agents had brought up McGregor’s name to someone they interviewed in the Newton case.  McGregor’s attorney denied that his client had had any connections to the Newtons or Cam’s recruitment.

Sidenote — Anybody else as sick of the name “Cam Newton” as I am?




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