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Mullen & Petrino Talk, Houston Nutt is Desperate, & Another Look at the Bama Game

Mississippi State
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Nutt1On Tuesdays, I always provide notes from our very own Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs’ weekly adversary, but the truth is, Mullen and Petrino are not saying a whole lot. Here is a little bit of what I’ve gathered from the two coaches, thus far…

Dan Mullen on QB Ryan Mallet: “He can slide around in the pocket and extend plays. Very athletic that way. People get locked into thinking an athletic quarterback is one that can just run the ball and is very fast. An athletic quarterback can also be a guy that buys himself some extra time in the pocket. And he has the arm strength where he can throw a 50-yard pass and it takes about half a second for it to get there.”

Mullen on the Hog D: “They’re a very, very aggressive defense. They’re going to blitz you from a lot of different directions…They get you a little bit out of your game plan and they get into their comfort zone, which is really blitzing you from every direction on defense and coming after you. That’s one of the reasons we have to control the tempo of the game.”

·Bobby Petrino on MSU: “I know our players are excited about the week. We will be focused, and we have to do a good job in our preparation, in our practice, and get ready to go on the road and play another very good football team.”


Yesterday I raised the question of whether or not Tyler Russell’s passing game needed to be more a part of the Bulldog Offense, but it appears that Dan Mullen doesn’t think so. “The run game, that’s our base. The experience of our team is on the offensive line. To do that we need them to play well and they’ve played well running the football. That’s been the strength of our team this year and that needs to continue.” I completely agree coach, but a change of pace would be nice. I’m a major proponent of running the football and controlling the clock, but whenever we become predictable, and place ourselves in passing situations-be it predetermined or by circumstance, it would be nice to have the better arm in the game (at times). Mullen went on to say “When you look at our stats and the differences in our wins and losses – our turnovers – our ability to run the ball and control the tempo of the game, that’s been the difference. We have to be able to playour game at our tempo for us to be successful.” Les Koenning had this to say about Relf’s abilities, “We feel comfortable throwing the football – don’t misunderstand me now – but to win football games, our plan has been laid out by coach Mullen. Obviously as the game goes along – things change but controlling the football on the ground is our identity.”

_______After Further Review_______

And I’ll say this, there are some guys who missed tackles that I would rate as the best tacklers on our team. There were some things that were a little out of character for us.”

I watched the Bama replay, and here’s what I saw, followed by some comments from State players:

  • Johnthan Banks was much better at Safety than he is at Corner. Opposing Defenses are beginning to target him.
  • Tyler Russell did a great job of stepping up in the pocket, avoiding pressure, and throwing the football with the touch that each situation required. And, it was all against Bama’s first team D. If Bumphis doesn’t fall down, then he doesn’t even throw an INT, and we probably make the loss look even more respectful.
  • Vick Ballard was a·BEAST in Tuscaloosa. The kid has the same motor as Anthony Dixon, and runs hard ’til the whistle. We need to get him the ball through the air more as well.
  • LaDarius Perkins is potentially our most dangerous player on Offense. Ballard holds the edge at the moment, due to the fact that he is utilized more to his strengths then Perkins is. When he gets the ball on the edge, and he can cover 30 yds in a heart beat.
  • Emmanuel Gatling continues to disappoint me. He had a chance to stop all 3 of Bama’s long TDs, before they even got started. Like I’ve said before, always around the ball, but just does not make the play.
  • Nickoe Whitley’s statistics do not show how hard he plays. The kid flies to the ball, and is not afraid to make a hit.
  • Charles Mitchell had his first down-game of the 2010 season. He is one of my favorite players, but he looked like the Carl Torbush version of #4, not the Diaz version.
  • Corey Broomfield is very spotty at times. I liked him better before we let KJ Wright take over his role as a Rover type Back. Broomfield has the tendancy to lock up with a blocker, lose focus, and take himself out of plays. Violent hands, and attacking the ball will go a long way in improving his game. Sometimes when I watch him, I think of Randy Moss rumors, about taking plays off here and there.
  • JC Brignone on Physicality: The one thing we didn’t do (against Alabama) was be as physical as we normally are. I don’t like making excuses so I think it was just – we weren’t there, we weren’t us. I want to leave with this being the best offensive line in (MSU) history because I know we can be
  • Mann Diaz on Game Film: “Good for 29 plays; three in horror; and 29 more good. And I’ll say this, there are some guys who missed tackles that I would rate as the best tacklers on our team. There were some things that were a little out of character for us.”
  • On a sidenote, Mullen mentioned that Relf missed 2 easy TD throws, with passes that were batted down at the line.

Even though Mullen and Petrino aren’t talking, but Houston Nutt is. Nutt had his weekly press conference on Monday, just as other SEC coaches do, but none of the others sound quite as pitiful and desperate as him. Nutt made every excuse in the world concerning the Rebs’ disappointing season. And, did his best to·bring attention to the positive things he’s accomplished since he’s been in Oxford. Here are some clips, that even·an Ole Miss radio station was·grilling Nutt over:

  • “Lets go back and talk about the start of the year, this season has not gone like we had planned for it to.· It all started with that first game. With the amount of players we lost this year, we all knew that this would be a difficult year. But, what we didn’t plan on was three knee surgeries, four concussions and losing a leader like Kentrell Lockett. I just want to remind our fans that it had been·50 years since Ole Miss won back-to-back January 1 bowl games.· I’m excited that we have 12 freshmen playing. I am excited about the future.· I know in my heart, now more than ever, that we can get to Atlanta. I know we can, because I know that we can recruit here; we have proven that our last two seasons. What we didn’t plan on was our first game and a few others putting us in a tailspin. It’s my fault.· We were not as ready as we should have been, but I see a lot of hope. I am excited about these next two games. I remember the day I got here; I didn’t see any life or hope. I do not want that to come back on our guys now. We have two games left, and a lot of these guys have been doing great things for the past couple of years.”
  • “It is easy to dwell on the negative. It is easy to sit up on the 50-yard line and point out the bad and embarrassing. I was the first one to say Saturday was embarrassing. If you think that you are hurting, you should be in my shoes. I am sick to my stomach when I think about the Tennessee game, because we planned on winning that game.”
  • “I planned on having seven wins at this point in the season, six at the worst. The bottom line is that we are not there, but I am not going to allow my players to be gloom and doom. They need to remember that they have been a part of something great. It was not too long ago when everyone was patting them on the back for winning back-to-back Cotton Bowls. I just want to tell our fans that there are good things getting ready to happen.”
  • “I am not blaming anything on the previous staff; I appreciate all the players that I inherited. The players that Ed Orgeron recruited were very good players. They did a good job at getting Peria Jerry, Jerrell Powe. Michael Wallace, Shay Hodge and guys like them in here. But, the bottom line is that they didn’t know how to win and they were used to losing. I don’t ever want to go back to that point. Don’t ever get used to losing, don’t ever get to the point where it is a little bit easier to let go of the rope. You play as good as your senior class. When they play their best is when you win the most games. When you go back to the first year I was here, our senior class was phenomenal. Michael Oher was playing at his best. Peria Jerry was an awesome and violent player. Michael Wallace was playing at the top of his game. Your seniors are your leaders, the owners of the team and the motor that drives it. We have very few numbers of those guys now. We are missing our best one, Kentrell Lockett.”

Pretty sad, desperate, and embarrassing Houston. I guess you are·practicing the same speech that you will be giving a year from now, hoping to save your job. You called out what fans that are left, who were possibly considering attending the Egg Bowl. And for the record, you have had 3 years to recruit. We should be able to see some of what you can do as a recruiter, and as a coach who has had time to develop those players. All the repetitive excuses, is pretty much the equivalent of ice skating up hill. The fact is, you are out of Ed Orgeron’s talent, you can’t develop a QB to save your life, and your days are numbered in Mississippi.

How much do you think Tyler Russell should play for MSU? I’m thinkin 30% of the time…

How DESPERATE is Nutt?

-Egg Bowl’s kick off·has been set. 6pm, and we get Herm Edwards again! He’s not that great, but a good luck charm for us. Nothing like being called Memphis·State··Link

-Chris Low’s SEC Power Rankings. State is 6th. Link


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