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More Newton Talk. And More. And More.

Just a few more quick Cam Newton headlines from across the country…

1.  Lane Kiffin says the Newtons didn’t ask for money from Tennessee.

2.  Terence Moore of Fanhouse says “everybody should stop piling on” the Newton family.

3.  Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops says he can’t remember hearing any allegations similar to those now being made against the Newtons.  (Meaning a $180,000 pay-for-play request.)

4.  In case you missed it, Dan Mullen said the notion that he leaked Newton’s academic records to’s Thayer Evans “absolutely ludicrous.”

5.  Evans himself did a chat at today… and more than a few Auburn fans stopped by online.

In the chat, Evans wrote the following:

“And as much as some would like to berate my source and I up for allegedly not being truthful, Cameron Newton could simply resolve the matter by answering whether or not he cheated at Florida.”

Whoops.  Nope.  That’s not the issue.

Only Evans seems to care if a player cheated at another school two years ago.  His story has bupkes to do with the NCAA’s current investigation into Newton.

Most fans and writers are berating Evans and his source for violating federal privacy laws.

Evans also suggested that those people most upset about the reporting on the Newton story are connected to the SEC in some way.

“So there’s a lot of SEC-backed spin out there about the Newton situation.  Notice those in the media who are the most defensive and outraged by it work for companies that have a business relationship with the SEC or are folks whose own livelihood is made off SEC football.”

I guess that’s why SEC-partner ESPN has been so quiet.  D’oh!

Anyone who covers the SEC knows that league fans will be just as passionate in 2011 whether Auburn wins the BCS title in 2010 or not.  To suggest that all the people who think Evans stepped over the line are upset because they might lose a buck or two is completely and totally absurd.  It’s a smokescreen.  It’s flak.  It’s also childish, to be completely honest with you.

This site, for example, has repeatedly said that the talk surrounding the Newton allegations should die down until a) someone goes on the record or b) the NCAA finds proof of wrongdoing.  But we’ve not taken any shots at ESPN’s initial report from men like Mark Schlabach and Pat Forde.  The allegations should be investigated.  And they are being investigated.

But violating federal privacy laws in order to trash a 21-year-old kid’s character?  That’s a whole different story.

And Evans damn well knows it.


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