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Meyer Needs To Make “Tough Decisions?” Maybe He Already Has

So yesterday Urban Meyer said that Steve Addazio will likely be back as his offensive coordinator next year.  And that set off a wild rush of fans, bloggers and columnists who are screaming about Meyer’s need to “start making tough decisions.”  The meaning, of course, is that canning Addazio would be tough on the head coach.

Well maybe Meyer is making the tough decision by keeping Addazio. 

Florida’s coach would draw praise from across the Sunshine State by simply announcing, “Addazio isn’t getting the job done so we’re going to find someone else.”  Cue the Hosannas and palm branches.  Meyer would be viewed as a tough guy who’s willing to cut the dead weight from his program.

Just one problem: Meyer is closer to the situation than anyone sitting in Section QQ.  To fans, maybe it’s obvious that play-calling is the Gators’ main trouble, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

In fact, when I hear a group of people shouting about something being obvious, a little twinge of fear runs down my spine.  That’s because group-think is often dumb-think.

It’s easy for large groups of fans to bemoan play-calling.  Most of them really believe that they could call plays better than their team’s offensive coordinator.  (Remember when Gator fans wanted Dan Mullen’s head?)  But 99% of the fans out there would freeze up quicker than a Minnesota pond if they actually had to do the job… against the clock… on gameday. 

And that goes for bloggers, columnists and even writers for, too.

If Meyer doesn’t believe Addazio and his play-calling to be the problem — and it’s becoming clear that he doesn’t — then maybe the two-time national champion coach should be trusted.  Maybe UF’s offensive problems lie elsewhere (as we noted earlier today).

Meyer wants to win.  He doesn’t enjoy losing. Clearly he must believe that he has an easier path to victory with Addazio than he would without him.  Despite the fact that every fan and columnist south of Valdosta believes Addazio must go.  By standing his ground and not firing his offensive coordinator, Meyer is doing the unpopular thing.

Time to make a tough decision?  Looks like Florida’s coach has already made one.


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