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LSU Leading For Former UGA QB Zach Mettenberger

Might Zach Mettenberger turn out to be Cam Newton Part II?

Before anyone’s hackles go up, I’m not talking about a pay-for-play scam.  I’m simply referring to the following similarities:

* Both were highly recruited prospects out of high school
* Both signed with SEC schools
* Both got into off-field trouble
* Both were disciplined
* Both left to bathe themselves in the purifying waters of the junior college ranks
* Both played one year of ball and excelled in juco ball (thus washing away all prior sins)

And now it looks like Mettenberger will be heading back to the SEC just as Newton did.

Mettenberger’s father, Bernie Mettenberger, told The Shreveport Times yesterday that at the top of his son’s list “would be LSU.”  Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Arizona, Cincinnati, Louisville and Troy have all offered scholarships to the former Georgia QB as well.

“That’s from my conversations with Zach,” his father said.  “He’s never been down there to LSU, but his favorite show is ‘Swamp People.’  And he’s got a real close relationship with Les Miles.”

Good thing his favorite show isn’t “Hawaii Five-0,” I guess.

Mettenberger was bounced from UGA’s team by Mark Richt this past spring.  He pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery.  He was also arrested (same incident) on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction, providing false identification and under-age possession of alcohol.  Those charges were dropped.

We’re all for second chances here at MrSEC.  Especially for college kids who do something stupid after drinking too much. 

But this doesn’t change the fact that Georgia and Mark Richt took a stand — long before they knew if Aaron Murray could cut the mustard — and now they could see their disciplinary action come back to bite them in the rump… if Mettenberger returns to the SEC.

And for the record, Mettenberger was phenomenal at Butler Junior College in Kansas this past season. 

Quick tip to LSU recruiters — if someone named Kenny Rogers calls… hang up.



I was just thinking the same thing, Mettenberger the next Newton..minus the running. Does he remind you of anyone? his name may rhyme a little bit. Zack Mettenberger...Ben Roethlisberger, both big Qb's 6'5 250 range. Could be a future 1st round draft pick. LSU with Mettenberger throwing to Russel Sheppard, Ruben Randle, freshman next yr Jarvis Landry can step in for the loss of Tolliver. They could win a SEC Title and a National Title next yr. They've always had a good running game now someone who can get his playmakers the ball could be deadly, even with Alabama upgrading at the QB postion with AJ McCarron or Phil Simms who cud b the next Donovan Mcnabb.


I would rather have a drunk then a thief


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