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Key Players In Newton Saga Talk To NCAA And FBI Today

Two of the key players in the ongoing Cam Newton saga are sharing their stories with the authorities today.  And by authorities we mean the NCAA and the FBI.

According to Brandon Marcello of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond met with the FBI earlier today.  Bond was quoted in ESPN’s original Newton story as saying that he had been approached by former teammate Kenny Rogers in regards to raising money for the Newton family.

Bond’s attorney confirmed his client’s sit-down with the FBI.  As we — and others — have speculated, the FBI’s involvement in an NCAA scandal might have some connection to rumors that Cecil Newton might have laundered possible payments through one or more of his tax-exempt churches.  That is pure speculation, but good luck coming up with another reason for the FBI to look at this case.

Meanwhile, radio host Ian Fitzsimmons tweeted today the following:

“Don’t know if this has been reported yet but just in case — The NCAA is interviewing Ken Rogers this afternoon.  Was scheduled to begin @ 1:00″

It was on Fitzsimmons’ show last week that Rogers accused the elder Newton of trying to solicit money from MSU.

For Auburn fans, the FBI portion of this story means little at the moment.  However, the NCAA’s digging is clearly an issue for the Tigers.

We know that the NCAA will eventually give Newton an official thumbs-up or thumbs-down, but if things speed up, it’s possible that ruling could come before the Iron Bowl, the SEC Championship Game or a possible BCS Championship Game appearance by the Tigers.



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