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Florida Writers Blast Auburn’s Newton

Fact: A runner has been accused of seeking cash from Mississippi State on behalf of Cameron Newton.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we turn things over to Mike Bianchi of The Orlando Sentinel.

“Cam Newton has failed the integrity test and will not get my Heisman Trophy vote.  No matter what.”

At least Bianchi’s not just tossing Newton from his Heisman pool because of this recent accusation — an accusation that Newton’s family denies and that Auburn officials feel has no connection to them.  He still can’t forgive Newton for possessing a stolen laptop prior to leaving Florida.

“I have wrestled with the integrity issue all season in regards to whether I should vote for Newton.  In the end, I decided, the laptop incident at UF would have been enough to keep me from putting him atop my ballot.  Now, after the charges coming out of Mississippi State, he won’t be on my ballot at all.”

Personally, I think we should wait a bit before declaring Newton a witch.  I mean we haven’t even thrown him in the water to see he if floats yet.

No, no, in all seriousness, I know that Bianchi is in the majority on this one.  I’m the bleeding heart softie who believes we all rush to judgment too quickly in this society.  And I’m also the guy who gets tired of hearing people rip other people for their lack of “integrity.”  Mainly because in my view — being people — the rippers likely have little more integrity than those they’re ripping. 

I don’t know Mike Bianchi, but I wonder if we assigned a private eye to do some background on him if we’d find anything in his past that might make us question his integrity.  I’m guessing so.  And I’d say the same for just about everyone out there.  Including me.

But an accusation has been made.  Columnists will call for Hell to be paid.  Opposing fans will wag their fingers at Auburn (while secretly praying that their school isn’t next on the chopping block). 

From a Florida perspective, at least the Hell to be paid won’t be paid out of UF’s coffers.  As George Diaz — also of The Orlando Sentinel — writes:

“It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback the Cam Newton saga from his days at Florida.  Should coach Urban Meyer have tried harder to keep him?  What were they thinking letting him go when he was such a good fit for the offense? 

“Now it’s obvious we should all come to the same conclusion:

“Cam Newton is no longer a feel-good story.

“Good call, Gators.”

Good call, indeed. 

And for the record, I’ll have no problem blasting Cecil Newton if it turns out he really was shopping his son’s services.  I’m just choosing to wait and see if there’s more to this mess than a single ESPN story before I render judgement.  Again, call me crazy.


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