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ESPN Tweeting What’s Already Been Reported

The Twitterers are all a twitter over something ESPN tweeted 40 minutes ago… but as far as we can tell, ESPN’s tweet regards old news.

This is why I hate Twitter.  (As always, you can follow us on Twitter here!)

According to

“DEVELOPING STORY: FBI is involved in investigation into recruitment process of Auburn QB Cam Newton.”

Cool.  But unless the ESPN’ers have some new angle on this one, the fact that the FBI is interested in speaking to MSU alum John Bond has been known for days now.

Why exactly the FBI wants to find out if college athletes are being bought and sold is anyone’s guess.

There have been rumors that Cam Newton’s father Cecil received money for his son’s signature and quickly tucked that cash away at one of several churches he is connected to.  Churches aren’t taxed, of course.  So perhaps there’s some FBI-IRS tie here, but that’s ALL just speculation upon speculation.

Unless ESPN reveals some new info in their “DEVELOPING STORY,” it looks like everyone’s just tweeting over old news.


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