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ESPN Continues To Wield Unprecedented Power

The folks with the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta have been hot on Georgia’s heels for quite a while.  Leave it to sports superpower ESPN to finally bring the two together.

According to Tim Tucker of The AJC, in order for UGA and Boise State to work out their game at the Georgia Dome next year, eight schools had to adjust their schedules:

Georgia (dropped Louisville and picked up Boise State)

Boise State (moved Ole Miss game to 2014 and picked up Georgia)

Louisville (dropped by Georgia and picked up North Carolina)

North Carolina (picked up by Louisville)

James Madison (changed dates with North Carolina to allow game with Louisville)

Ole Miss (moved game with Boise State and picked up BYU)

BYU (picked up by Ole Miss)

Oregon State (changed dates with BYU to allow game with Ole Miss)

As Tucker correctly writes: “Who has enough clout to facilitate all those changes?  Only ESPN, which played a major match-making role.”

So once again, ESPN the programmer proves that it’s the most powerful entity in sports.  I would have no problem with that if ESPN weren’t also the most powerful news entity in sports.  It’s hard to remain unbiased in your coverage when you’re picking and choosing (and promoting) specific schools and specific games.



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