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Beat Auburn.

South Carolina
Content provided by Garnet And Black Attack.

Garnet and Black Attack readers, I am a student at the University of Alabama and write pretty regularly over at Roll Bama Roll. I don’t know if you guys usually take down guest posts but I just wanted to give ya’ll a little insight from our side.

I know USC has already played Auburn once this year and knows what they are going up against, but i feel like at that point in the year it was a completely different football season to where we are now.

First off, I know Alabama blew it, just like we did against LSU. USC was the only team that deserved to take Alabama to the woodshed and rightfully did.

But this is not about Alabama, this is about beating Auburn.

The mindset of the Auburn program is simply to top Alabama, that is ALL they care about.

I believe this will give South Carolina a great advantage going into the SECCG being that many Auburn players, fans, and coaches will have a false sense of a season accomplished after taking down the 4th ranked team in the West.

Cam Newton is an absolute monster, but much like Ellis Johnson showing how to slow Alabama’a rushing game, I think Saban and Kirby Smart gave the blueprint of how to slow down the best professional athlete in college football this year.

Essentially Cliff Matthews and at least two linebackers will have to sell out every play to contain him on the ground. I believe we held him to something like 39 yards rushing which I believe USC can do the same.

Where USC has an advantage over what Alabama couldn’t stop is they have defensive backs that can contain the deep ball. The deep ball to Zachary completely sucked the life out of the Alabama defense much like Jeffery making Milliner and Mark Barron look like absolute ass bags out there in Columbia.

Offensively, USC is in a great spot to take down the tigers. Get enough out of Garcia to Gurley and Jeffery to post up points early then grind it out with the freak Lattimore and the OBC should be bringing the SEC title back to Columbia.

So make you guy’s first trip to Atlanta the best it can be and bring the same intensity to the Georgia Dome that you had in Williams-Brice Stadium when the Tide came to town and you can really take them out of their game.

Best of luck Gamecock supporters, you will have all of us cheering for you this Saturday without a doubt.


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