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Spurrier Touches The Spinning Plates


Can someone tell me why?

South Carolina fans have to be scratching their heads today over word that Steve Spurrier is once again backing away — to some degree — from play-calling.  In a season in which all the plates are spinning and South Carolina is on pace to reach its first-ever SEC Championship Game, Spurrier has decided to jostle the sticks.

That’s like talking to a pitcher about the no-hitter he’s throwing.  Why tempt fate?

“We’ve got sort of a system there where we’re all on the headset,” Spurrier said yesterday.  “I really think the coach who spends most of the time with the quarterback probably should be the play-caller.  GA (Mangus) was sort of the main guy (in the Vanderbilt game), him more than the rest of us.  That was a little different than what we’ve been doing.  I like that because he talks with Stephen (Garcia) in between plays and in between series, and so forth.”

That makes sense.  Allowing the quarterback’s coach more involvement in play-selection is probably a smart thing.  Just not right now.  Not in the middle of the season.

If nothing else, Spurrier has given fans something else to grumble about.  Should USC’s offense trip and fall against an upcoming foe you can bet that Mangus’s play-calling will get some blame, whether it deserves it or not.

Spurrier’s decision to tweak play-calling duties at Halloween with the Georgia Dome in sight… could come back to haunt him.


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