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Ole Miss – Auburn Warning Sign #4

Need one more reason why so many of the national writers and talkshow hosts are picking Mississippi to derail Auburn this weekend?

Below is Reason #4:

Houston Nutt.  Just look at some of Nutt’s past upsets…

September 20th, 2008:  Ole Miss would finish 9-4, but the Rebels would go to Gainesville and hand #4 Florida its only loss of the year 31-30.  The Gators went on to win the National Championship.

November 23rd, 2007:  Arkansas would end the season at 8-5, but Nutt’s team went into Baton Rouge and clipped #1 ranked LSU 50-48 in three overtimes.  The Tigers went on to win the BCS crown.  (Ole Miss has been correctly changed to Arkansas.  Whoops, pig, sooie!)

October 7th, 2006:  Arkansas would go on to sport a 10-4 record, but on this date they marched into Jordan-Hare Stadium and whipped #2 Auburn 27-10.  The Tigers would rank #8 at year’s end.

September 13th, 2003:  Arkansas would finish 9-4, but they knocked off 5th ranked Texas in Austin 38-28.  The Longhorns would finish the season ranked #11 in the nation.

November 11th, 1999:  The Razorbacks would finish 8-4, but Nutt’s squad bested #3 Tennessee 28-24.  The Volunteers would end the season ranked #9.

November 14th, 1998:  Arkansas would finish 9-3, but in Knoxville on this date, Nutt’s team came within a late-game Clint Stoerner fumble of upsetting top-ranked Tennessee.  The Volunteers won 28-24 and went on to win the first BCS crown… but this loss deserves to be recognized as yet another solid coaching job by Nutt.  Stoerner’s fumble in clock-killing time provided as stunning a turnaround as you’ll likely ever see.

One thing you’ll notice from all those upsets (and near upset) — each of those Nutt teams won at least 8 games.  His Ole Miss team this season would need to go on a 5-0 run to finish with 8 victories.

Still, if you’re wondering why so many people are picking Ole Miss in tomorrow’s game, just look to Nutt’s past success against Top 10 foes.



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